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Readers Respond: What was the best comedy movie of 2008?

Responses: 10


What we find funny is a very personal thing. I laugh at dumb high school movies and they might not tickle your funnybone. So what film made you laugh in 2008 and why?


Wow. I can't even begin to express how funny that movie was. Favorite non-pornagraphic magazine to masturbate to? *in unision* GOOD HOUSEKEEPING!!!. Hahahahahaha
—Guest Jalen

nick and nora was a dissapointment

i cant even begin to express my hatred for this movie. way to make the ny/nj indie rock scene look like a joke. terrible terrible movie.
—Guest xstayxdownx

Step Brothers

This film was amazing. Did we just become best friends? Yeah wanna go play karate in the garage? Sureee !!! Lol
—Guest Lauraxx---

Forgetting Sarah Marshall was the best

A must see movie for all those who find break-up difficult to go through.
—Guest Nitin

Madagascar 2 Fan

I was looking around for a list like this because I'm sitting here bored and looking for a good comedy film to watch. Now I've decided that I'm going to watch Madagascar 2 because I've seen the first one and many of my friends have been telling me that it's a really funny film.
—Guest Artful Dodger

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

I know the pain the lead actor felt, I'm glad it turned out ok for him, it made me smile since my pain still lingers. NOT AFTER THIS MOVIE. I'm a man on the move(ie)-on!!!!

In Bruges

This was action and comedy, but it was great from beginning to end!
—Guest diggier093

Pineapple Express

A movie that has no point is a good movie. Seth Rogen is amazingly funny!
—Guest APQRwoooh!

Robert Downey JR was the best

Downey was terrific in Tropic Thunder. Loved that movie!
—Guest Murrman

Forgetting Sarah Marshall was the best

That British guy made me totally crack up. I hope he's in a lot more movies in the next few years.
—Guest Cammalope

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