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Interview with Jonah Bobo at the LA Premiere of "Zathura"

Jonah Bobo Talks About Starring in the Family Movie, "Zathura"


Interview with Jonah Bobo at the LA Premiere of

Jonah Bobo in "Zathura"

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Jonah Bobo - The Younger Brother in "Zathura:" Bobo co-stars with Josh Hutcherson as brothers who get on each other's nerves and fight over every little thing in the family-friendly adventure film, "Zathura," based on a book by Chris Van Allsburg.

After their divorced dad (played by Tim Robbins) leaves them at home while he goes and collects some important papers at work, younger brother Danny (Bobo) finds an antique game which he proceeds to play, much to the annoyance of his older brother (Hutcherson). Similar to the events of "Jumanji," the mysterious game sets off a series of strange events and propels the brothers out into space where they must keep taking turns playing the game, facing down robots and aliens in order to return to their normal life on Earth.

Jonah Bobo on the Stunt Work in "Zathura:" Bobo claims that getting wired up and flying around the set was one of his favorite things about working on "Zathura."

"It was so fun but we got really hot in the harnesses because we had a biking shirt, biking shorts, then the harness, which was like sort of overalls. And then we had to wear our clothes over it and put holes in the clothes so we could attach the strings. But it was really worth it because we actually got to [fly]. It felt like we were flying. We were just up in the air, totally. It was so awesome," said Bobo.

Though the two young actors didn't receive much training before getting strapped into the harness, Bobo says he felt completely safe. "What made it safe was we had stunt doubles and they did all the stunts before us so they knew it was safe."

Jonah Bobo on Director Jon Favreau's Decision to Use as Little CGI as Possible: "The fact that Jon...he thinks that it’s much better to have more practical things than computer generated so yeah, it was much easier to actually be afraid of the Zorgons when they were actually there."

Jonah Bobo on Bonding with His Onscreen Brother, Josh Hutcherson: "Well you know Josh says that he had nine years of training because he has a younger brother Connor that I hung out with. But basically we just had school so we didn’t really get to play. But at lunch, we’d always eat really fast so we could play a game of basketball or something."

Jonah Bobo Shares His Favorite Days on the Set of "Zathura:" "I have two. One was when I was flying on the harness and two was when I had to be horrible at baseball. That was so hard because really when I need to get something to my dad, I just throw it to him. And like it was sort of hard because I had to throw a ball to Tim [Robbins] and I’m like, ‘Alright, here comes a fastball,’ but I couldn’t. I had to act like I couldn’t [throw]. It was sort of hard to act like I couldn’t throw the ball. I was afraid that I would make too good of a throw. I’m not trying to be a show-off but I was afraid it would actually go in his glove. I’m like, ‘Okay, how do I do this?'”

Jonah Bobo on "Zathura's" Target Audience: "I think that it’s really a kids’ movie and I think it’s a family movie, too, because like 'Star Wars' and stuff - that’s a kids’ movie but they’re really violent. It’s very violent because they’re killing and the lightsabers and stuff. But this movie is more of a family movie because it’s sort of violent. I mean there are meteors and Zorgons and everything but nobody gets killed. Close to being killed – or eaten – but…"

Dax Shepard, Jonah Bobo, Producer Peter Billingsley, and Screenwriter John Kamps Interview Video from the LA Premiere of "Zathura" - Play the Video

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