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Annie Guest and Jamie Lee Curtis Photo - 'You Again' Premiere


Exclusive photo of Jamie Lee Curtis and her daughter Annie Guest at the premiere of Touchstone Pictures' You Again.
Annie Guest and Jamie Lee Curtis photo at the premiere of You Again

Annie Guest and Jamie Lee Curtis

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Annie Guest and Jamie Lee Curtis hit the red carpet at the premiere of You Again held September 22, 2010 at El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, CA.

You Again Synopsis: No matter how old you are, you never get over high school. Successful PR pro Marni heads home for her older brother's wedding and discovers that he’s marrying her high school arch nemesis, who's conveniently forgotten all the rotten things she did so many years ago. Then the bride's jet-setting aunt bursts in and Marni’s not-so-jet-setting mom comes face to face with her own high school rival. The claws come out and old wounds are opened in this crazy comedy about what happens when you're reunited with the one person you'd like to forget.

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