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Rob Cohen on "XXX State of the Union," "Stealth," and "Sinbad"

Interview with Rob Cohen at the "XXX State of the Union" Premiere


Updated April 27, 2005
Rob Cohen on Directing Sequels: “I never direct sequels to my films, ever. I didn’t direct the sequel to ‘Fast and the Furious.’ I didn’t shoot the sequel to ‘Dragonheart.’ I just don’t believe in it and I just think that life is short and there are many stories to tell.”

Comparisons to Directors Who Take on Sequels of His Films: “I think they do a different job. No two directors make the same film the same way. And the fact is Lee Tamahori, who directed this one, brought a lot of stuff to the table that’s fresh and new and exciting. He’s a master storyteller and a fabulous guy. He loves the action vibe. He got a wonderful performance out of Ice Cube and the cast. And I’m very happy as exec producer and godfather of the franchise. I’m very happy.”

The Reasoning Behind Not Bringing Back Vin Diesel as XXX: “If you’re going to break the rules, if you’re going to have a franchise that’s going to break the rules, the first rule to break is don’t have it be the same actor. You don’t see the same James Bond over and over again - he has the same mannerisms over and over again. It’s good to have a guy with a different thing going.”

The Direction of a Third “XXX” Movie: “If I had my way – and we’ll see – I’d like Triple X to be a woman.”

Who Would Rob Cohen Cast as the Next XXX:Jessica Biel, if I could talk her into it.”

Rob Cohen on Why Jessica Biel Would Fit the Role: “Well, I know her very well because of doing ‘Stealth’ together with Jamie Foxx and Josh Lucas. They are the three pilots in this ‘Top Gun’ meets Hal the computer summer ride. I just think she’s strong and cool, can handle a gun, handle men, and women really will identify with her.”

Rob Cohen’s Next Movie, “Stealth:” “’Stealth’ is unlike anything you’ve ever seen because you’re not watching flying, you are flying. You’re not watching speed, you’re speeding. And the acting in it is superb.”

What’s Happening with “Sinbad:” “’Sinbad’ is in development. We are starting to shoot in January or February. Keanu Reeves is set to play Sinbad. So it’s my next film.”

Additional “Sinbad” Casting News: “Well, maybe Zhang Ziyi as the Princess and possibly Jet Li as the General, the villain.”

What’s In Store for “Sinbad:” “Creatures and a hero’s journey. Sinbad for the first time will be played by an actor of real depth.”

Does That Mean “Sinbad” Will be More Character-Driven Than Special Effects Heavy?: “Oh no, it will have its spectacle. It’s [set] in the south of China in the 10th century and it’s the search for Aladdin’s lamp.”

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