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Nona Gaye on "XXX State of the Union" and "Crash"

Interview with Nona Gaye from the "XXX State of the Union" Premiere


Nona Gaye XXX State of the Union

Nona Gaye in "XXX State of the Union"

Updated February 17, 2014
Nona Gaye on Working with Ice Cube: “It was great because I’d known him for a long time. Years and years ago he directed a video with Prince and I - we did a duet called Love Sign - and we hadn’t seen each other since then. We met up again together working on this film and it’s lovely to see where both of us have gone [with our careers].”

Training Wasn’t Required for “XXX State of the Union:” “I didn’t really do much training because all of my work is kind of wooing Cube and being kind of this sexual creature who walks around her shop and tries to entice. But at the same time, she’s very, very smart and she’s very sure of who she is and knows who she is and is not compromising. So it’s a very interesting and cool part.”

A Change of Pace and Playing Sexy: “It was great, it was really was. She’s a different kind of character for me, you know? All of my characters up until now have been very demure and not about their sexuality or their sensuality.”

Tapping Into Her Sexuality: “It wasn’t hard at all because I feel that within myself sometimes. But none of my characters up to now have shown that, so it was a lot of fun to be able to let that out.”

What Fans of “XXX” Will Like About “XXX State of the Union:” “You know, this is a completely different kind of Triple X. X himself, Darius, is a different kind of X. He’s got some tricks for you that you just didn’t see in the first one, and I think people will be very pleasantly at how different it is.”

Next Up for Nona Gaye – “Crash:” “Paul [Haggis] was great to work with, a very difficult director. He really makes you work hard, which I don’t mind because that’s the kind of product you get when you work hard like that. It was all worth it. Working with Brendan Fraser – a very good friend of mine, I love him dearly. Sandra Bullock was fabulous. Terrence [Howard], Matt [Dillon], Ryan [Phillippe] – it was incredible.”

”Crash” Addresses Racial Stereotypes. Did Paul Haggis Push it Too Far?: “I think he took it just to where he needed to. But I also believe that if he did another film and took it farther, it wouldn’t be a problem for me. I don’t think it would because it just gets more and more real. And I love the fact that as we keep making movies, we keep stepping a little bit further. He and Don Cheadle - they really kind of just let it all out on this one.”

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