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"Winter Solstice" (2005)

Winter Solstice Synospis: Every December, when the Winter Solstice arrives, it is an opportunity to bring warmth and light into the darkest time of the year. Winter Solstice is a poignant look at the impact a woman’s love and support has on a father struggling with his sons setting out to explore their independence.

"Winter Solstice" DVD Review
Review of the DVD release of "Winter Solstice" starring Anthony LaPaglia, Aaron Stanford and Allison Janney.

"Winter Solstice" Movie Credits
Cast and crew list for "Winter Solstice," starring Anthony LaPaglia and Allison Janney.

"Winter Solstice" Photo Gallery
Gallery of photos from the Paramount Classics movie "Winter Solstice," starring Anthony LaPaglia, Aaron Stanford, Allison Janney, Ron Livingston, Michelle Monaghan and Mark Webber.

"Winter Solstice" Movie Poster
Poster for "Winter Solstice" from Paramount Classics.

Official "Winter Solstice" Website
Paramount Classics' official site for "Winter Solstice." RELEASE DATE: April 8, 2005 (Limited)

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