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"Whiteout" (2009)

"Whiteout" revolves around Carrie Stetko (Kate Beckinsale), the lone U.S. Marshal assigned to Antarctica, whose investigation of the continent’s first murder draws her into a shocking mystery. Now, with only three days until winter, Carrie must solve the crime before Antarctica is plunged into darkness and she is stranded with the killer.
  1. Alex O'Loughlin
  2. Kate Beckinsale

"Whiteout" Photo Gallery
Gallery of photos from the movie "Whiteout" starring Kate Beckinsale, Gabriel Macht and Columbus Short.

"Whiteout" Exclusive Premiere Photos
Exclusive gallery of photos from the LA premiere of the Warner Bros Pictures movie "Whiteout" featuring Kate Beckinsale, Gabriel Macht, Alex O'Loughlin, Tom Skerritt, Susan Downey, Joel Silver, Jacinda Barrett, Len Wiseman, Amanda Righetti, Khloe Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Lamar Odom, Michael Copon, Mark Salling, Lacey Schwimmer, and Mark...

On the White Carpet - Kate Beckinsale and Greg Rucka
Kate Beckinsale's used to handling action scenes, but "Whiteout" combined action and freezing cold filming conditions. Greg Rucka, writer of the "Whiteout" graphic novel, joined Beckinsale at the premiere to talk about the movie's cold setting.

On the White Carpet - Gabriel Macht and Jacinda Barrett
Jacinda Barrett ("The Namesake") joined her hubby, "Whiteout" star Gabriel Macht, on the special 'white' carpet for the "Whiteout" premiere. The shooting conditions weren't exactly the most pleasant, and Macht talked about handling the freezing cold.

On the White Carpet - Tom Skerritt, Joel Silver & Susan Downey
A white carpet resembling snow was as close as the LA premiere could get to replicating the freezing atmosphere of the thriller "Whiteout." Tom Skerritt and producers Joel Silver and Susan Downey chatted up the film's chilling premise at the premiere.

On the White Carpet - Alex O'Loughlin and the Hayes Brothers
Alex O'Loughlin and writers Chad and Carey Hayes showed up in LA for the premiere of Warner Bros Pictures' "Whiteout," a thriller set in Antartica. Before taking in the screening, O'Loughlin and the Hayes brothers talked about working on "Whiteout."

"Whiteout" Trailer
Trailer and video clips from "Whiteout" starring Kate Beckinsale and Gabriel Macht.

"Whiteout" Movie Credits
Cast and crew list for "Whiteout," MPAA rating and release date info.

Exclusive Interview with Director Dominic Sena
(July 2007) "Whiteout" doesn't hit theaters until 2008, but Warner Bros Pictures gave audiences a sneak peek at what's in store by bringing director Dominic Sena and "Whiteout" star Kate Beckinsale to the 2007 San Diego Comic Con to talk about the movie.

One on One with Greg Rucka
(July 2007) Comic book writer Greg Rucka was in his element at the San Diego Comic Con. Filming recently wrapped on the movie adaptation of Rucka's "Whiteout" comics, and Rucka was ready to talk about it.

Joel Silver Discusses His Many Projects
Producer Joel Silver was at the 2007 San Diego Comic Con to discuss a few projects including "Whiteout" with Kate Beckinsale, "Speed Racer" starring Emile Hirsch, and "The Invasion" featuring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig.

Kate Beckinsale Stars in "Whiteout"
(Feb 2007) Kate Beckinsale will star in and Dominic Sena will direct the movie "Whiteout," an action thriller based on Greg Rucka's comic book series.

Official "Whiteout" Site
Warner Bros Pictures' official site for "Whiteout." Release Date: September 11, 2009

Greg Rucka's Official Site
FAQs, appearances, and info on his books and comics.

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