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"What a Girl Wants" (2003)

Daphne (Amanda Bynes), a spirited young American girl, travels to London in search of her long-lost father (Colin Firth), an influential aristocratic politician. As Daphne attempts to prove that love can conquer all, her impulsive behaviour creates an uproar in high society, where her unique style threatens to undermine the relationship she has waited her whole life to experience.
  1. Amanda Bynes
  2. Colin Firth News and Movies

"What a Girl Wants" Cast Interviews
Amanda Bynes and Kelly Preston discuss their roles in this cute romantic comedy, which also stars Colin Firth. Here's what the two actresses have to say about working with Firth, movies for girls, and their careers.

"What a Girl Wants" Photo Gallery
Gallery of production photos from Warner Bros. Pictures' "What a Girl Wants," featuring Amanda Bynes, Colin Firth, Oliver James and Kelly Preston.

"What a Girl Wants" Movie Credits
Cast and crew list for "What a Girl Wants," directed by Dennie Gordon.

"What a Girl Wants" Movie Trailer
Trailer in Windows Media and Real Media formats, at two connection speeds.

Oliver James Biography
Oliver James personal facts and film credits.

Take on Amanda Bynes
Go one-on-one with Amanda Bynes in the 'OutSmart' game from MSN.

Official "What a Girl Wants" Website
Warner Bros. Pictures' official site has a synopsis of the film. RELEASE DATE: April 4, 2003

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