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'Wanted' 2-Disc Special Edition DVD Review

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'Wanted' 2-Disc DVD

'Wanted' 2-Disc DVD

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The Bottom Line

Wanted is based on the graphic novel by Mark Millar and J.G. Jones and finds Angelina Jolie (action veteran) teaming up with James McAvoy (action newbie) in a visually stunning, edge of your seat action thriller. A definite must-see for action fans, Wanted features some of the most innovative action sequences we've encountered since the days of the original Matrix movie.
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  • Fantastic action sequences
  • James McAvoy is convincing as an action hero
  • Decent collection of bonus features


  • No commentary track


  • Starring James McAvoy, Angelina Jolie, Morgan Freeman, Common and Thomas Kretschmann
  • Directed by Timur Bekmambetov
  • Rated R for strong bloody violence throughout, pervasive language and some sexuality
  • DVD Release Date: December 2, 2008

Guide Review - 'Wanted' 2-Disc Special Edition DVD Review

The Story

Wesley (McAvoy) is a nerdy office cubicle dweller whose girlfriend is cheating on him and whose life is one dull moment after another. However, that changes when Fox (Jolie) introduces him to a world loaded with guns and violence. Once he's convinced this world Fox shares with him is the world his father inhabited, Wesley becomes a member of The Fraternity - a secret society filled with assassins charged with carrying out murders for the greater good. But Wesley shortly discovers he's not only good with a gun, but good at figuring out there's no one he can really trust.

The Bonus Features

My major complaint with the Wanted DVD is the lack of a commentary track and the fact there's only one lonely extended scene. Other than those negatives, the extras are a decent collection of featurettes. Cast and Characters has the actors talking about their characters, Stunts on the L Train breaks down one of the movie's most exciting action scenes, and the Special Effects: The Art of the Impossible and Groundbreaking Visual Effects: From Imagination to Execution both show how the amazing effects in the movie were pulled off.

The DVD also includes everything you want to know about the source material in The Origins of Wanted as well as 8 scenes from the novel compared to how they were brought to life onscreen. And viewers get a behind the scenes look at director Timur Bekmambetov in a special featurette. There's also a music video featuring scenes from the film back by music from Danny Elfman.

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