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Ashlee Simpson Interview - "Undiscovered"

Ashlee Simpson on Tattoos, Her Hair Color, and Staying in Shape


Ashlee Simpson Interview - "Undiscovered"

Ashlee Simpson as 'Clea' in "Undiscovered"

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Ashlee Simpson's Latest Tattoo: As of August 2005, Simpson has a total of three tattoos. “This one’s new. I got this one [pointing to ‘love’ on the inside of her wrist] about a month ago and then I got cherries done here. It’s all like, [pointing out each of her tattoos] I got this when my album came out – I just finished my album and I got that one and I got that on my first tour.” If she continues getting tattoos with each album, she’ll be covered. “My parents are like, ‘Stop now!’,” joked Simpson.

On Choosing to Get the Word “Love” Tattooed on Her Wrist: Simpson said it’s not inspired by anyone in particular. “No, it’s not for anyone. It’s like Spider-Man, like you shoot love to people [said while shooting her wrist forward like Tobey Maguire does in the “Spider-Man” movies].

On How She Stays in Shape: “I think it’s important to work out. But whenever, I mean, I’m not like hardcore, but I do work out.” Simpson added, “I think playing shows is a good workout. I run around a lot and shake my booty.”

Ashlee Simpson on Dieting: “I think working out is good but I don’t diet.”

On Being a Blonde Again: “I was just feeling something new and here it is! I had black hair and I kept on getting blonde roots, and so I’m like, ‘I’m just going to go back to my natural hair color.’”

Simpson said she likes being a blonde better anyway. “It’s nice to dye your hair and have a little bit of change, and wardrobe change, but I like my blonde hair. It’s been a process actually, because stripping the black out of my hair… It’s been like orange and pink and whatever. But I just said, ‘I’m gonna do it.’”

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