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Cerina Vincent

Cerina Vincent got her start as the Yellow Power Ranger on the hit TV show, "Power Rangers Lost Galaxy." Since then, she's moved on to the big screen with roles in "Cabin Fever" and "Not Another Teen Movie."
  1. "Cabin Fever"

Cerina Vincent Interview - "Not Another Teen Movie"
Cerina Vincent talks about "Not Another Teen Movie," "Power Rangers," and acting in the nude.

Cerina Vincent Interview - "Cabin Fever"
Cerina Vincent talks about working with Eli Roth as well as a little bit of a scoop on "Funeral Channel."

"Cabin Fever" Photo Gallery
Gallery of photos from Lions Gate Films' thriller, "Cabin Fever," featuring Rider Strong, Cerina Vincent, Jordan Ladd, Joey Kern, James DeBello and Eli Roth.

"Not Another Teen Movie" Photo Gallery
Gallery of photos from "Not Another Teen Movie," starring Cerina Vincent, Jaime Pressly and Chris Evans.

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