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Robert Pattinson 'Twilight' Interview


Kristen Stewart as Bella and Robert Pattinson as Edward in Twilight

Kristen Stewart as Bella and Robert Pattinson as Edward in Twilight.

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One of the traits that sets Stephenie Meyer's vampires apart is how their skin reacts to sunlight. Unlike other vampires, Meyer's creatures don't catch on fire when exposed to the sun. Instead, their skin glistens as though it was covered in tiny diamonds. Robert Pattinson hasn't yet seen the finished CGI effect, but says it was one of the hardest things to do for the film.

"We did like a thousand different ideas. Like, we did this thing with salts, like flakes of salt, and stuff. And I was doing all these things, like every single thing. I remember they painted one of the PAs blue, just kind of a confused direction… He ends up kind of just a kind of blue head - I don’t really know what they were thinking with that."

Pattinson isn't involved in a lot of action scenes in Twilight but he did have to do some wire work which he admits was harder than it looks. "You would think like, you know, it’s kind of easy because you're just actually being pulled around and stuff. But it’s very difficult to just maintain your center of gravity and stuff. You have to really fight against it as well as letting it do what it needs to do."

"It’s one of the hardest things I've ever done," confessed Pattinson. "I’ve done wire work in other stuff but normally with wire work you're just like getting hit and so you just fall over and it doesn’t really matter what happens. You know, anyone can fall. But I mean with all the stunts in this, you kind of have to look good and you kind of look like you're doing it, so it’s kind of tough."

Pattinson doesn't even want to think about posters with his face gracing the walls of fans of Twilight. But he's happy about the fact there will be an Edward doll in his likeness. "Oh yes, I like that. The doll is cool. I mean that’s what I really want. I want to have a little button in the back so you can do stuff with it. But yes, I’m looking forward to the doll more than the poster."

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