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Robert Pattinson Discusses 'Little Ashes'


Robert Pattinson as Salvador Dali in 'Little Ashes.'

Robert Pattinson as Salvador Dali in 'Little Ashes.'

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You're playing Salvador Dali in Little Ashes. What's it been like playing this iconic painter?

Robert Pattinson: "It's not that similar, but again it's iconic because I guess that Edward is an iconic character too. But I just did the same thing, breakdown what you know about him. Also, there's a ton of literature which he wrote and about him and then you just kind of build that back up again. Also, when I was playing him it was when he was very young, 18 to 26 and the story is about his descent or assent into this caricature of which everyone knows. He was this chronically shy kid when he was younger. So it's really not playing Dali, per se, apart from towards the end of it - and I'm still not really playing him. It's more the mood of Dali I think."

"I just researched tons and tons of stuff because everyone spoke Spanish on the set and so I just read all day. It was the first time that I ever really got into characterization, trying to work on movements. There was a photo of him pointing and I kept trying to figure out how he pointed for like three days. I've never done that for any job. I was doing tons of stuff on his walk and such. By the end, I have no idea [how it turned out]. Someone said to me the other day, 'I had no idea it was about Dali until you had the mustache at the end.' I was just like, 'Oh, great.' I think it's a kind of homage to him, I guess, in that performance. I've never related to a character more than him, which is really weird because everyone thinks that he's some nut job. When he was younger, if you read his autobiographical stuff – he wrote three autobiographies which completely contradict each other. Literally in one of them he said that his mother sucked his d-ck and all this stuff. And then in another one he says that his mother was the greatest mother in the whole world and gave him the best childhood he'd ever had. There are chapters called 'Truth' and other ones are called 'Lies' and then lies and the truths and stuff, it's just really funny. There was so much about him that I found fascinating. It's depressing how he did it himself and yet everyone sees him as this mask. He wanted that, but it's so funny how he was so much more than just this bizarre clown that he was at the end of his life who only cared about money. He was an incredibly complex person. I'm not saying that I am. I'm not at all."

What do you have coming up?

Robert Pattinson: "I'm doing a little movie called Parts Per Billion with Dennis Hopper and Rosario Dawson in January, and hopefully something else just after. We have to wait and see if a sequel is happening. I don't want to jinx it so I don't want to say anything."

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