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Exclusive Interview with Kellan Lutz from 'Twilight'


Exclusive Interview with Kellan Lutz from 'Twilight'

Kellan Lutz as Emmett, Nikki Reed as Rosalie, Ashley Greene as Alice, and Jackson Rathbone as Jasper in 'Twilight.'

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How was Catherine Hardwicke on the set?

Kellan Lutz: "Amazing. She's such an actor's director. She just gets in there and she likes hanging out with us off and on the set and just very personable. Which is tough because, or not tough, which is opposite from what I'm used to sometimes where the director just sits behind the camera, does his job and doesn't [interact]. You know, they're all brilliant in their ways but they really don't know how to talk and just be there with the actors. And Catherine is definitely not like that. She's always there hanging out, goofing off with us. I mean she's a little kid at heart."

Is there anything that didn't make the movie that you were in? Any deleted scenes?

Kellan Lutz: "I haven't seen the movie so I have no idea."

Why haven't you seen the movie?

Kellan Lutz: "Well, a number of reasons. I've been kind of busy every time they've had a screening. And then I finally just came to terms saying, 'Look, I just want to see it at the premier and I want to have that energy that everyone else gives off from seeing the scenes and seeing the movie, and I just want to be in that and take that adventure.' Because I really feel like, you know, us actors we always do so many cast and crew screenings, by the time the premiere comes you're just like, 'This is the fifth time I've seen this movie in a week.' So yes, that's kind of the reason why I haven't seen it."

How easy was it to bond as the Cullen family?

Kellan Lutz: "Really easy. I mean we're at an age range where we're all pretty much mature enough to know who we are, and I've been friends with half the cast before this project came out. So like Ashley [Greene] and Jackson [Rathbone] I've known for a very long time. So it's really cool working with friends and, you know, it doesn't feel like work again. You know, it's just hanging out and just having the camaraderie there. And with me and the other actors and hanging out with them, everyone's just so real. We have such a real cast. No one's a diva. No one's pompous, you know? It's just us doing our job and having fun with it."

So what's so good about playing Emmett?

Kellan Lutz: "He's Emmett. [Laughing] I mean he is how I live my life. I live such a, or I try to live such a care-free, stress-free life and I'm just so happy to wake up and be alive and just have a good night's sleep. I'm so thankful for my life and everyone around it and my family. And, you know, just life is good and we should always live life as happy as we can. And I mean there's so many people and like I went to Africa for a project and I saw how they live there and how desolate and just we have it so good being in America. And I have it so good to be an actor and to be able to do what I'm doing. Like we just all need to be grateful for what we have because there's always someone who has it a lot worse."

What were you doing in Africa?

Kellan Lutz: "I did a mini-series. It's called Generation Kill for HBO."

That's right. I really liked that series. We talked about it at the RocknRolla premiere. Were you able to take time off from the set and go and explore the area?

Kellan Lutz: "No, actually where we stayed… I mean because pretty much we had to shoot to mask Iraq, so we shot, like when we were in Mozambique we shot in Maputo which they just had a civil war 10 years ago so buildings are still crumbling and breaking down, and there's still security with AK-47s on every street corner. Like I got arrested so many times for the randomest things."

That's scary.

Kellan Lutz: "It's not really arrested, but it's where the cop comes up to you and us being Americans, they feel like they can do that in a way. So I got, you know, I got pretty much like held, not held down and I didn't really get cuffed but you get pinned by the wall. You just need to be smart and be respectful and talk your way out of it and make sure you have cash on you and your passport. A passport copy, you never want to give them your real stuff because they'll take it. But yeah, I got pulled aside for wearing sunglasses during the day. Pulled aside for, I don't know, like wearing flip-flops I think. Like just anything and everything they'll do and all it takes is a couple of bucks and you're out of there."

You'd think they wouldn't bother you as much since you're bringing in money to their economy. As part of a film crew that's what you were doing.

Kellan Lutz: "Yes, but you know what? I don't think they realized what we were doing. I don't think they even cared about that. If anything, I think it was frowned upon that, you know, Americans are over here. 'What are they doing here?' It was kind of, it's different when you meet people who have no knowledge about what we do or why we're doing it. And, yeah, I don't know."

Are you going to do more traveling?

Kellan Lutz: "I love traveling. I love it, love it, love it, and that's one of the pros about being an actor. We get to shoot in so many different locations, especially movies. I've been to a lot of places in the world and there's so many more that I'd love to do, and that's what's kind of fun about picking projects. A lot of it goes in to, 'Where are we going to shoot?'"

Are you getting more scripts sent your way since Twilight wrapped?

Kellan Lutz: "Yes, way too many in a way. Like I feel like that's all I'm doing is reading scripts. I've read a lot of great ones, but a lot of the ones that we've been going after since, this recession's going on, a lot of movies are there and I'll read them and I'll be hungry for them and I'll do the meetings and I'll get the parts and then it'll fall through."

Because of the economy.

Kellan Lutz: "Because of the economy, yes, no financing or the production falls through. And it's a bummer because of what's going on nowadays. So I don't know. It's tough, but definitely reading so much."

That's a good problem to have.

Kellan Lutz: "Yes, but I'm such an outdoor freak. I enjoy reading but…"

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