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Exclusive Interview with Kellan Lutz from 'Twilight'

Kellan Lutz Talks About Playing Emmett in 'Twilight'


Exclusive Interview with Kellan Lutz from 'Twilight'

Nikki Reed as Rosalie and Kellan Lutz as Emmett in 'Twilight.'

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Updated November 11, 2008
He's handsome, enthusiastic, and women love him. And with a supporting role in Twilight as the burly big brother Emmett, Kellan Lutz is building up a huge fan base, one he embraces. When I sat down with him for our one-on-one interview during Twilight's Los Angeles press junket, he was just finishing off autographing a batch of posters for fans. If Twilight hits as big as many expect it to, then Lutz may want to rethink how he signs his name. His autograph is elaborate, with each letter fully formed. That may have to change once he gets bombarded with requests following the film's November 21st release.

"I like signatures," confessed Lutz. "I remember growing up just having fun doing it for no reason. I'd always want to sign a check when I was younger so I was like practicing…"

For now Lutz says he'll stick with actually spelling out his name – unlike Robert Pattinson who takes a shortcut by just signing his initials. But Lutz admits there may come a time when he rethinks his position. "I love it but it's like I'm going to be doing all these conventions where, you know, we have to sign minimum of 600 and a minimum of 1,000. And it's like, 'Wow, it took me an hour to do 50,'" laughed Lutz. "So I don't know, I might have to get creative. But I like it and I'm learning to try and do it without looking in a way."

Exclusive Interview with Kellan Lutz

Is it more nerve-racking now that the film's almost here than it was three months ago when there was all the attention building up to it?

Kellan Lutz: "Not nerve-racking because I enjoy everything. Like today, it's so much fun just to do anything we can do."

[Laughing] You're crazy

Kellan Lutz: "Well I mean, again, this is such a hobby in a way and it doesn't feel like work. I never grew up wanting to be an actor."

You still think of it as a hobby?

Kellan Lutz: "Yes, I love it and all this stuff, I've never done a movie where we have so much more stuff involved, like these press junkets and stuff. It's fun, but I definitely feel the busy side of it lately just because the movie’s coming out. So we've been doing so many interviews and photo shoots, and I love photo shoots, I love, you know, just doing interviews and all that stuff, but it's going to be nice to have a break once the movie comes out."

Does it ever feel too intrusive? Does it ever feel as though everybody wants to know too much about your life? Has it gotten to that point yet?

Kellan Lutz: "I have so many things I enjoy in life that is out in the public. There's sometimes I go to local high school football games - I just love football and I love getting cheap hotdogs and just doing that experience - and it's tough going to football games now and not being able to watch any of the game and just signing shoes and paper bags, and just signing stuff. So yes, it's definitely, definitely been kind of crazy."

But you have to take the good with the bad.

Kellan Lutz: "Exactly, and that's what we're here to do. I just really understand now how a lot of actors kind of feel. I don't know and I don't really ever want to be where Britney Spears is or where Lindsay Lohan is, where they can't even go get coffee without having flashes the whole time, you know? I don't care to be in magazines like, you know, having people write stuff like in US or anything like that. I just don't care to be in that stuff. And if I am, cool. But I am a human being and I like just doing normal stuff."

That makes sense. Do you think it's how you handle it though? You don't put yourself in the type of situations where Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan get that kind of attention.

Kellan Lutz: "Well I mean I think some of their stuff that they… They kind of brought on a lot of stuff on themselves but, you know, you think about Leonardo DiCaprio or Johnny Depp. If you saw them walking down the street there's probably ten paparazzi following them so it's not necessarily the situations you put yourself in, as far as the bad ones. But I definitely think that definitely helps with getting bombarded with it all the time. But it's tough. I mean, I was reading… And I love the gossip magazines…"

Really? You read them?

Kellan Lutz: "I like reading even if they aren't factual or anything. Like it's always a good airplane thing to read when you're on a flight and just bored out of your mind. But it's tough. Like I was reading about how Halle Berry went to Target and went shopping. It's crazy because she has to disguise herself with a hat and glasses and you just can't feel normal doing that stuff."

Have you gotten to that point where you're disguising yourself to go to a high school game?

Kellan Lutz: "Well I mean I love wearing hats and it's so easy. But it's funny joking around with the roommates because we have so many Halloween wigs and stuff like that. They're like, 'Oh you should do it! You should do it.' And I might do it just for fun. It hasn't gotten to the point where I feel like I have to."

Maybe for the month after Twilight's released.

Kellan Lutz: "Well I don't even think… I mean obviously if I'm going out and I thank all the fans for being there and if anyone wants an autograph, I mean that's so humbling to have someone who wants to have a picture with me. And it's really cool and that's a part of the job."

And you're getting used to walking the red carpets.

Kellan Lutz: "I love them. I mean I'm probably such a goofball and I probably do them wrong."

No, you don't. I've interviewed you on them twice and you've done great.

Kellan Lutz: "Well, they're fun. I'm not the best debater or best personal speaker, but I voice my mind and I love what I do and I love what comes with it."

Is it true that Rob Pattinson really sucks at baseball?

Kellan Lutz: "He sucks at anything athletic. He cannot throw a ball and run. Like it's funny, we had a running scene in the movie and I can't believe how much faster I am than him. And by the time I'd got to where we had to get, I'd turn around and I'd see him trying to run. Like I've never seen someone try to run. But he's very talented in everything else. I mean he's a brilliant musician and that's something I'm not. So where I have athleticism, he has that talent."

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