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Exclusive Interview with Ashley Greene - Alice in 'Twilight'

Ashley Greene Plays a Vampire Who Can See the Future in 'Twilight'


Exclusive Interview with Ashley Greene - Alice in 'Twilight'

The Cullen family in 'Twilight.'

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Nov 11 2008
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Your hair is too cute in the movie. Did you ever think of actually doing that style? Not that your hair's not pretty like it is. I'm not saying that…

Ashley Greene: [Laughing] "What are you trying to say?"

No, it's adorable.

Ashley Greene: "It would be kind of messed up though I think if I cut it right before the second one because they'd still have to wig me to keep the continuity. No, my management, they're like, 'No!' It's one of those things where it, I'd rather book a role and then cut it than have short hair and have to put in extensions or do all the work. Like I want it to be as easy as possible and so I'm waiting for that role."

Is it true that fans actually complained you were too tall?

Ashley Greene: "Oh yes. But you know what? That, out of everything - I've heard some things and seen some things - and out of everything I think I'm very fortunate as far as that being the complaint. I was like, 'Listen guys, there are no other girls who are five foot who portrays Alice. It's a fictional character.' Which I'm sure they wish there was some 5'2" girl or whatnot. But if that's the biggest complaint, I'm okay. And then of course the hair thing, but they wigged me into that. That was good and that worked out."

At the premiere of Sex Drive you and Kellan Lutz were telling me you guys do game nights. Are you still doing those?

Ashley Greene: "Yes, would you like to come?

[Laughing] Yes, I'd love to come.

Ashley Greene: "Edi [Gathegi] is so funny because he said, 'What is game night?' Kellan and I have been friends for a couple of years so it was really nice to work with one of my close friends. But yeah, we're big Taboo fans and so I'll host game night and he'll host game night. We'll have little hors d'œuvres or whatnot and have our friends over because it's so much fun. You know, you can go out to clubs and they're fun and they're cool, but you don't get that relationship."

You can't talk.

Ashley Greene: "Exactly. And it's like you learn things about people during board games like Taboo, you know? You're like, 'What? How did you even think about that?' But then Peter [Facinelli] does poker night at his house as well, so it's nice. It's cool that we all get along so well considering we might have to work together for a very long time."

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