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Josh Duhamel Talks About "Turistas"


Josh Duhamel Talks About

Josh Duhamel in "Turistas."

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Josh Duhamel (from the TV series Las Vegas) stars as a concerned older brother who agrees to accompany his sister on a vacation trip to Brazil in the horror/thriller, Turistas. Their relaxing vacation turns into a nightmare when the bus they're riding in flips over, stranding its occupants near a small beach town. Although the locals appear to be friendly and all about partying, the tourists soon find themselves fighting for their lives.

Josh Duhamel Takes a Roadtrip to Brazil: “Originally, when I first read the script, it was Guatemala. And I was like, ‘Okay, Guatemala, let's go do it.’ And then they said Brazil, and I said, ‘That's even better!’ So yeah, it's everything that you see. I'm sure you guys have probably been there, but I had never been there, and you have this preconceived sort of impression of Brazil, and the music and the booties and the food and Carnivale and the beaches and everything, and it's all of that.

What I was most pleased with, with the movie when I saw it was the - especially in the beginning - I thought we did a good job of sort of capturing the essence of Brazil and all of those things. I think that that contrasts with what happens later in the movie, with some of the graphic stuff that happens after they get sort of get taken up to the house and everything. It makes more of an impression because of the stuff that happens before. You know, you don't really expect it to go as hardcore as it does in the middle, or after all that stuff happens.”

Bathing Suits and Working Out: The girls from Turistas spent most of the time in bikinis but Duhamel escaped that fate. “I had my jeans on. I asked to wear my Speedo but they wouldn't let me. I forgot to get my a** waxed before I went, so they were like, ‘No, you gotta wear your jeans.’”

That didn’t mean Duhamel could get away without working out. “The working out was more or less because I knew what I was getting into, as far as the physical demands that this movie was going to have,” explained Duhamel. “Just reading it was like, ‘Okay, now we're running through the jungle. We're swimming, we're climbing, we're jumping off a waterfall,’ all these different things. I wanted to be able to last the whole movie and not be completely exhausted by the time we were done, which sort of worked. But by the time we were done, I was so beat and ready to go home that I don't know how much preparation I could have done. But yeah, there was definitely some training, especially a lot of underwater swimming and stuff before we left.”

Learning to Hold His Breath Underwater: “I don't know how long it was, I just know like the distance we had to go. We had to start here, I have to go down underneath this rock formation, and then come back up. And in all your clothes and stuff, it makes it more difficult. But some of those guys, like the guys that were chasing us, the bad guys, are actual spear fishermen. They can swim underwater for a long time.

It was definitely a challenge physically, which made it... I think that's what [director John] Stockwell wanted. He didn't want us to have trailers or any of the amenities that you normally have on a movie set. He wanted it to be as rough and sort of miserable as possible. (Laughing) It sort of shows up in the movie, and I think that that was his intention.”

The Challenges of Working on Turistas: “I knew going in that it wasn't going to be a pleasurable movie to make. But I would say the lowest [point] was… (Laughing) There was like this underwater cave. They were like National Park things that they have, and people go down and they stand outside of it. They can look at it, but they can never go in. So we got access to this, to go down, and the water's only this deep, and then it goes deeper and deeper as you go. But you had to take these paddle boards and swim out. You couldn't stand in the sand because they have these protected crustaceans, so you had to swim out.

There was this little cave where, because nobody's ever back there, the bats live in these things. That's where all the bats are. There's this long tunnel with water going through, and we're like swimming through it. And, of course, Stockwell wants to get the nicest visual for the shot so he sprays down all the walls. He makes sure that they get it all nice and wet and glisteny so it looks creepier. But there's like 500 years of bats**t on these things. (Laughing) And then we have to go trudging through it and like, ‘Okay, now pretend like there's a hole underneath, and you gotta dive down!’ And we're like, ‘This is like bat dropping soup.’ I was like, ‘Okay, this is officially the worst moment of this movie.’ (Laughing) But whatever. It was all fun. It was fine.”

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