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'Trouble With the Curve' Movie Credits

Clint Eastwood and Amy Adams Star in 'Trouble With the Curve'


Trouble With the Curve Cast List

Clint Eastwood - 'Gus'
Amy Adams - 'Mickey'
Justin Timberlake - 'Johnny'
Scott Eastwood - 'Billy Clark'
Matt Bush - 'Danny'
Chelcie Ross - 'Smitty'
Joe Massingill - 'Bo Gentry'
Ray Anthony Thomas - 'Lucious'
Ed Lauter - 'Max'
Clifton Guterman - 'Neil'
Bob Gunton - 'Watson'

Crew List

Directed By: Robert Lorenz
Screenplay By: Randy Brown
Director of Photography: Tom Stern
Editors: Gary D Roach and Joel Cox
Production Designers: James J Murakami

Genre: Drama
Running Time: 111 minutes
Theatrical Release Date: September 21, 2012
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for language, sexual references, some thematic material and smoking

Studio: Warner Bros Pictures

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