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Movie Photos, Celebrity Pics, Trailers and Interview Videos


Hundreds and hundreds of photos, videos, and posters from upcoming, new and past releases.
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Movie Photo Galleries

Gangster Squad

Whether you're looking for a pic from one of the Hobbit movies or want to check out what Hollywood has done to your favorite superhero, chances are you'll find a photo here to satisfy your curiosity. (The most recently added/expanded galleries are featured for your viewing pleasure.)

Movie Posters

Oz The Great and Powerful

Studios do everything they can to create buzz for their upcoming movies, and posters are one of the most effective ways to get people talking about a film. If they're done well, a poster can sell a movie just as effectively as a well-cut trailer.

Red Carpet Photos

Breaking Dawn Part 2

Not all red carpets are formal affairs. You're just as likely to see jeans as you are evening gowns when you attend a Hollywood premiere. Check out who's wearing what and where they've been showing up to show off - with the most recent events at the top of the list.

Trailers and Video Clips

The Great Gatsby

One of the absolute best things about looking up movie info on the Internet is the ability to watch trailers and video clips whenever you want to. There's also the added perk of being able to see your favorite stars discuss their films anytime you want with the popularity of streaming video. Who needs TV entertainment news shows when everything you want is at your fingertips?

Celebrity Videos

Josh Hutcherson

Detailed biographies as well as interviews with some of Hollywood's favorite actors can be found here.

Featured Celebrity Photo Galleries

Chris Hemsworth Photo

Peruse these galleries to see some of Hollywood's hottest stars posing their way down red carpets and other special events.

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