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Top Picks - Best of Lists of Movies and Film-Related Items

Detailed lists of "Top Picks" of items pertaining to movies, including quirky 'Best of' lists and some of the better offerings from Hollywood.

Top 10 Most Revealing Films About Strippers
List of 10 stripper movies that reveal much about the occupation, topped by "Showgirls" and including "Full Monty," "Closer," "Striptease," and "Zombie Strippers."

The 10 Worst James Bond Films
Recent Bond movie "Casino Royale" and "Quantum of Solace" make the list.

2013's March Movie Madness
In honor of the annual March Madness madness, here's a look at how films released in 2013 stack up.

2013 March Movie Madness - Round 2
2013 March Movie Madness round two takes the field of films from 16 to 8.

2013 March Movie Madness - The Final Rounds & Winner
Which film will take the title of the best of 2012?

Top 10 Films Based on or Inspired by Philip K. Dick Stories
This 10 best film adaptations of Philip K. Dick's work list is, of course, topped by "Blade Runner."

Top 10 Tough Women in Films
Tura Satana in "Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!" earns the #1 spot on this list.

The Best (Non-Animated) Fairy Tale Movies
This Top 10 list of fairy tale movies that are not animated is topped by the 1946 classic, "La Belle et La Bete."

Back to School Double Features
In the comparison between British school films with American school films, who will come out on top?

Top 10 Zombie Movies
This list takes a look at old school zombies, with George Romero's walking dead films taking the #1 spot.

Top 10 Films with Twisted Moms
Top 10 movies with twisted mothers (moms you wouldn't want to call your own) including "Aliens," "Psycho," "Beowulf," "Carrie," "Flowers in the Attic," and "Mommie Dearest."

Top 10 Fantasy Films
Because we can't decide which is actually #1 and which is #10 on this list, it's been done alphabetically.

Edgar Allan Poe on Film
His work has inspired dozens of films over the past hundred years. These are the best.

Top 10 Movies with Talking Animals
This Top 10 movies with talking animals list includes characters from "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles."

Top 10 Performances by Rock Stars
This list of the top 10 singers who act in movies includes The Beatles, David Bowie, Madonna, Elvis Presley, and Mark Wahlberg.

March Movie Madness
In honor of March Madness, we've got March Movie Madness - 16 films competing for dominance based on awards, popularity, and critical acclaim

10 Gangster Films
Don't want to wind up sleeping with the fishes? Then read this list for everything you need to know about gangsters.

You Can't Keep a Good Zombie Down, Part 2: Modern Zombies and Infected People
"28 Days Later" - a controversial choice - tops this list of the top 10 modern zombies and infected people films.

March Movie Madness - Round 2
After some very fancy mathematical wrangling, the field has been narrowed to 8.

March Movie Madness - Round 3
And the winner is declared - which film came out on top?

Top 10 Worst Best Picture Oscar Winners
A look back at those Academy Award Best Picture winners that had us scratching our heads.

What movie are you looking forward to in 2012?
I want to see "The Hobbit" and "The Dark Knight Rises," but your choice could be completely different.

What movie adapted from a book worked best?
I love what they did with the "Harry Potter" series, but I'm not pleased about what happened to "One Day" on its way to the big screen.

What Was the Best Trailer of 2011?
I love The Muppets parody trailers, but you might have a different favorite.

Viral Marketing Works - Which Movie Has Done it Best?
Twitter, Facebook, text messages - studios are now reaching out any way they can to get you interested in their movies.

Most Underrated Actor
Moviegoers are asked to sound off on who is the most underrated actor in films as part of our Readers' Choice Awards 2012.

Readers Choice Awards 2012
We want you to share your opinion on films, trailers, and underrated actors.

Top 10 Westerns
This top 10 list is topped by High Noon and includes 3:10 to Yuma and Rio Bravo.

Top 10 Bad Bosses in Movies
A list of the 10 most memorable bad bosses in movie history. This top 10 list includes films like "Office Space," "The Devil's Advocate," and "The Devil Wears Prada."

Top 10 Post-Apocalyptic Films
Top 10 list of the best post-apocalyptic films including "Mad Max: The Road Warrior," "28 Days Later," "Children of Men," "Night of the Comet," "Dawn of the Dead," "Akira," and "A Boy and His Dog."

Top 10 Stoner Movies
Cheech & Chong and Seth Rogen - obvious choices for this top 10 list.

Top 10 End of the World Movies
Top 10 films about the end of our world including "The Last Man on Earth," "Dr Strangelove," "When Worlds Collide," "The Invasion of the Body Snatchers," "Last Night," and "Fail Safe."

Top 10 Pirate Movies
This best of list includes "Pirates of the Caribbean," "The Princess Bride," "Peter Pan," "The Black Swan," and "Pirates of Penzance."

Top 10 Car Chases
A list of the 10 best car chases in movie history including films like Bullitt, The French Connection, and Ronin.

Top 10 Robot Movies
The most memorable robot movies ever, because we just love robots.

Top 10 Mistaken Identity Movies
This top 10 list includes films like "Life of Brian" and "The Big Lebowski."

Top 10 Time Travel Films
Top 10 list of time travel films topped by "A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court."

10 Films by David Fincher
David Fincher has come to be known for visually and thematically dark tales, and for disturbing audiences. But surprisingly he came to film from much more mainstream work in commercials and music videos. He directed TV commercials for Nike, Coca-Cola, Budweiser, Heineken, Pepsi, Levi's, Converse, AT&T, and Chanel...

Top 10 Movies with Witches and/or Wizards
We love a little magic in our movies, don't we?

The 5 Best and 5 Worst Bruce Willis Movies
When Bruce Willis is good, he's awesome. But he doesn't always choothe best roles.

Top 20 Unusual Weapons in Films
If you're going to die in a movie, wouldn't it be more fun to be killed by something unconventional?

Top 10 Steven Spielberg Movies
"Jurassic Park" tops this list of 10 of the best Spielberg films.

Top 10 Inspirational Teacher Movies
An inspirational teacher can make a difference to a student, providing guidance and support at a crucial moment in a young person's life. The classroom – with all its inherent drama, conflict, and diversity – has provided the perfect setting for many movies. Whether it's the passion of a young, idealistic teacher or the wisdom of a seasoned vet, these films remind us how important an educator…

Top 10 Robert Zemeckis Movies
"Back to the Future," "Contact," and "Cast Away" make their way onto this top 10 list.

Top 5 Teen Films from the 1980s
They're those films you can't just help but watch over and over again.

A Look Back at James Cameron's Films
A look at the man behind two of the most successful films in history - "Avatar" and "Titanic"

Quentin Tarantino's Top 10 Movies
At a Comic-Con panel Quentin Tarantino once stated, "if you make a piece of nitro that you throw at an audience's lap, people notice." Well his first film, Reservoir Dogs , was a piece of nitro and people noticed. Since then Tarantino has continued to lob explosive films at audiences to grab attention and win awards.

The Best and Worst Sylvester Stallone Movies
He writes, directs, and acts. Here's the 10 best and worst from in front and behind the camera.

The Best Danny Trejo Death Scenes
Why do directors all love to kill Danny Trejo off in films?

Looking Back at the Decade in Movies - 2000 thru 2009
The first 10 years of the 21st century were an interesting time for filmmakers and movie fans. The explosion of social networking websites, advances in technology, and the changes in attitudes of ticket buyers affected the film industry in sometimes subtle, but more often noticeable ways. Here's a look back at some of the biggest influences on the industry over the past decade.

The Films of Kathryn Bigelow
Kathryn Bigelow has been challenging stereotypes and conventions both on screen and off. She is a woman director who has steered clear of chick flicks to deliver action films that kick butt on much of what her male counterparts are turning out. With more than two decades worth of films to her credit, she is finally raking in awards for "The Hurt...

Top 10 Christmas Movies
The end of the year is usually such a busy time that it's tough to put aside a few hours to just relax in front of the TV. But if you do have a couple of hours to fill, any of these Christmas-themed movies will help lift your spirits and put you in the holiday mood.

Top 10 Movies About Aliens on Earth
Hollywood loves alien movies and as long as audiences turn out to buy tickets, we'll keep getting films about extra-terrestrial visitors.

Top 10 Cat-and-Mouse Crime Films
The Canadian Mounties are famous for "always getting their man," a motto given to them by Hollywood. Hollywood loves a good pursuit, especially when it involves a cop catching a criminal. But sometimes the one pursued is smart and gives the pursuers a run for their money, sometimes even managing to slip away. These kind of clever cat-and-mouse games sometimes involve a con or a reluctant sense of…

Top 10 Worst Movies Based on TV Shows
I hate it when my favorite shows show up on the big screen and they've been completely ruined.

Best Dragon Movies
Mythical creatures, we continue to be fascinated by dragons although we rarely see them featured in films.

Top 10 Werewolf Movies
In the battle of vampires vs werewolves, the sexy vampire films usually win. But that doesn't mean there aren't 10 werewolf movies worth checking out.

Top 10 Movies Based on TV Shows
It happens all the time, as much as we complain about the lack of originality. Thankfully, sometimes Hollywood actually gets it right.

10 Best Part Three Movies in 3D
If you have to have a part three of a film franchise, why not do it in 3D. 3 in 3D just sounds so much better.

Top 10 DVD Easter Eggs
The Easter Bunny doesn't deliver these eggs, but they're just as special.

Actors to Watch in 2009 (And Beyond)
The most difficult part of putting together this 'Actors to Watch' feature was whittling down the field to just one dozen. The decision process was made somewhat easier when the criteria was narrowed down to the actors who've generated the most buzz and/or have films coming up in 2009 that are impossible to ignore.

Top 10 Teen Sports Movies
10 of the all-time best sports movies having to do with high school or college athletes.

Catfight Hall of Fame
10 of the best girl on girl fights in feature films.

10 Films to Die For
These films prove love isn't all moonlight and roses.

Top 10 College Films
List of 10 of the best college movies of all time topped by "Animal House."

Top 10 Best Remakes
"The Magnificent Seven" tops this list of the best movie remakes.

Top 10 Worst Remakes
Sometimes remaking a good thing is a bad idea...a very, very bad idea.

Classic Love Teams
We love to see these couples together in classic films.

Top 10 Worst Movie Accents
Some are so bad it's difficult to watch the movie due to the intrusiveness of the accent.

Top 10 Movies About Politics
Politics contains all the elements of great drama – and comedy – high stakes competition, back room deal making, idealism clashing with corruption and cynicism, ambition, greed, power…well you get the idea.

Top 10 Bond Villains
They're bad guys, but at least they're interesting.

Movie Musicals
Hollywood had neglected movie musicals in recent years, then Baz Luhrmann's "Moulin Rouge" gave the genre new life and showed that audiences will fill theaters seats if they're offered an entertaining musical.

10 of the Best Movies of 2008
Christopher Nolan's second "Batman" movie, "The Dark Knight," came in first on my list of the best of 2008.

Top 10 Bond Girls
They're sexy, have names that remind us of porn stars, and James Bond can't help but take them to bed.

Movie Standouts of 2008
Not your typical Top 10 list, this is an eclectic collection of some of the more interesting standouts in movies released in 2008.

Top 5 Steven Soderbergh Movies
The best of filmmaker Steven Soderbergh, topped by "The Limey."

10 Vampires Movies That Don't Suck
They want to suck your blood!

Joel and Ethan Coen Movies
Guest writer Scott Marks believes the Coens' best film is "Miller's Crossing."

Romantic Movies for Moms
What mother can't use a little R&R time spent in front of the TV watching a romantic movie? Ready for a little loving? Then check out this sampling of romantic movies for or about moms.

Top 10 Disaster Movies
The movies aren't disasters - they're actually pretty entertaining.

Top 10 The Best Movies Inspired by Comic Books or Featuring S…
I'll be the first to admit I'm not an expert on comic books, however I don't believe you have to have read the source material in order to enjoy the movies they've inspired. This top 10 list of comic book and/or superhero movies is entirely based on the film's qualities and not on how well the screenwriters adhered to the characters created in the comics.

Top 10 Comedies of 2008
Did the comedies of 2008 tickle your funny bone? Here are 10 that did just that to us.

Top Action Movies of 2008
Even though I'm not a fan of shaky cam in general, "Cloverfield" managed to win me over.

Movies with Evil Bunnies
Bunnies are so cute and fluffy, so why do filmmakers make them so evil?

Classic Beach Movies
Surf, sand and bikinis - these romantic movies with a beach theme truly capture the spirit of the early 60s.

The Best Books About Films and Filmmaking
Check out this selection of books for true behind-the-scene stories about movies, actors, directors and more.

The Best Jet Li Movies
Like Jet Li but not sure which of his movies you need to see in order to fully understand the martial artist's talent? Work your way down this list for a greater appreciation of all things Jet Li.

Best Bets - Romantic Comedies on Video
From "High Fidelity" to "Swingers," these romantic comedies are sure to deliver laughs along with love.

Classic Romantic Movie Soundtracks
There's an incredible wealth of soundtracks from classic romantic movies. It's tough to choose just 10, but this list represents my choices for the best of the best.

Fantasy Films
Romance and fantasy go together perfectly. My five favorite romantic fantasies feature stellar performances and entertaining storylines.

Irish Actors
Actors who were born or raised in Ireland and are currently working in movies (in other words, no classic actors).

Sounds from the 70s, 80s and 90s
"Grease" tops my list of the best soundtracks from the 1970s, 1980s, and the 1990s.

The Best Thanksgiving-Inspired Movies
Top movies about or taking place over the Thanksgiving holiday, and there aren't as many as you make think.

Top Date Movies
Sometimes there's nothing better to do on a date than stay home, microwave some popcorn, and snuggle.

Romantic Movies with a Wedding Theme
It's no surprise there are a lot of great romantic movies featuring weddings. Here's my picks of the best romance films centered around wedding ceremonies.

Top Tearjerkers
"Titanic," "An Affair to Remember," and "The Notebook" all make this top 10 list.

Sports & Love
Mixing the love of sports with romance, this short list includes my choices for the best romantic sports movies.

Meg Ryan Movies
Even after her break-up with Dennis Quaid, Meg Ryan is still a romantic movie fan favorite.

Julia Roberts Movies
From "America's Sweethearts" to "Someone to Talk About," Julia Roberts and romantic movies just seem to go together.

Movies for Women
Calling a movie a "Chick Flick" is NOT a bad thing! Here's a list of some of the best films that have earned the "Chick Flick" title.

Romantic Movies Starring Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock has starred in more than her share of romantic movies. Here's a collection of some of her best romantic movie roles.

Top 10 Teen Romance Movies
Heath Ledger's "10 Things I Hate About You" tops this list of the best romantic films for teenagers.

Top 5 Band Movies
A list of the 5 best band films in movie history. This top 10 list includes films like Brassed Off, School of Rock, and That Thing You Do!

Top 10 Female Eye Candy
They look pretty on screen and most men just can't help themselves from going gaga over these beauties.

Top 10 Horror Films
Here's a list of my favorite horror films with "The Exorcist" - of course - topping the list.

Top 10 'Wish You Weren't My Father' List
Top 10 fathers in films you'e glad you don't call dad such as Darth Vader, Indiana Jones, James Potter, Dr. Evil, and The Devil.

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