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Tomei, Marisa

This Academy Award-winning actress' career sprung back to life in 2000, with roles in romantic movies such as "Someone Like You," "What Women Want," and the critically acclaimed dramatic film, "In The Bedroom."
  1. "Alfie"
  2. "Anger Management"
  3. "Crazy Stupid Love"
  4. "In the Bedroom"
  5. "Just a Kiss"
  6. "The Guru"
  7. "The Ides of March"
  8. "The Lincoln Lawyer"
  9. "The Wild Thornberrys"
  10. "The Wrestler"
  11. "War, Inc"
  12. "Wild Hogs"

One on One with Marisa Tomei
Marisa Tomei provides a behind-the-scenes look at her role in the critically acclaimed drama "The Wrestler."

Interviews with the Cast of "The Guru"
Marisa Tomei, Heather Graham and Jimi Mistry discuss their work in the romantic comedy, "The Guru."

Marisa Tomei Answers "Alfie" Questions
Marisa Tomei on the movie "Alfie" and how audiences will feel about the movie.

"The Lincoln Lawyer" Photos
Gallery of photos from the dramatic movie "The Lincoln Lawyer" starring Matthew McConaughey, Ryan Phillippe, Marisa Tomei, and William H Macy.

"War, Inc" Photos
Gallery of photos from the movie "War, Inc" starring John Cusack, Hilary Duff, Marisa Tomei, and Joan Cusack.

"Wild Hogs" Premiere Photos
Gallery of photos from the Hollywood Premiere of the Touchstone Pictures movie "Wild Hogs" featuring John Travolta, Tim Allen, William H Macy, Martin Lawrence, Ray Liotta, M C Gainey, Jill Hennessy, Felicity Huffman, Kelly Preston, Kirstie Alley, Mariel Hemingway, Marisa Tomei, Marisa Coughlin, Raven Simone, and Tara Reid.

"Alfie" Photo Gallery
Gallery of photos from the Paramount Pictures movie, "Alfie," featuring Jude Law, Sienna Miller and Marisa Tomei.

"The Guru" Photo Gallery
Gallery of production photos from "The Guru," featuring Heather Graham, Marisa Tomei and Jimi Mistry.

"In the Bedroom" Production Photos
Check out these production photos from the critically acclaimed film, starring Marisa Tomei, Sissy Spacek, Tom Wilkinson and Nick Stahl.

"Just a Kiss" Photo Gallery
Here's a gallery of photos from Paramount Classics' romantic comedy, "Just a Kiss," featuring Kyra Sedgwick, Ron Eldard, Taye Diggs, Marisa Tomei, Marley Shelton and director Fisher Stevens

"The Wrestler" Photos
Gallery of photos from the movie "The Wrestler" starring Mickey Rourke, Evan Rachel Wood and Marisa Tomei.

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