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Vince Vaughn Talks About "Wedding Crashers"

Vince Vaughn on "Wedding Crashers," the Script, and Embarrassing Scenes


Vince Vaughn Talks About

Vince Vaughn in "Wedding Crashers"

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Vince Vaughn and "Wedding Crashers:" John Beckwith (Owen Wilson) and Jeremy Grey (Vince Vaughn) are a couple of life-long buddies who happen to love crashing weddings. Adhering to a strict set of wedding crasher rules, the two spend their weekends enjoying free food, free alcohol, and the attention of a bevy of lovely bridesmaids.

As the wedding season draws to a close, John and Jeremy worm their way into the social event of the season - the wedding of one of the daughters of the U.S. Treasury Secretary. Everything goes according to plan until John falls hard for the beautiful bridesmaid, Claire (Rachel McAdams) - something that's definitely against the wedding crasher rules.

Vince Vaughn on His Character: “I kind of thought of always like the friend, the big lovable friend who kind of loves life. Like loves to eat, like a big kid. I just thought of myself as a big, innocent kid. I really do love weddings. Yes, I want to meet the girls and that’s exciting, but I want to go with my friend and I want to laugh and I want to go eat cake and I want to dance and I want to make the wedding fun. I want them to have a good time at the wedding. I’m not trying to ruin their wedding. I want the groom to have a good time. I like to commit in that moment like we’ve been friends forever and I’m happy for you. There’s something almost insane about it. Why does he love that feeling of creating that in his life?

But I think he’s so kind of innocent and happy, and even like how I deal with Owen [Wilson] when things go bad is like I’m mad, I want to go home, the sleepover’s over here. It’s very much like a big child and I think that they’re forgiven for some of their shortcomings because there is such an innocence and genuineness to them. But when they’re forced to respond to some of their ill behavior, they do ultimately change and evolve. But yeah, it was more kind of that big, lovable friend and he’s just kind of like a big kid.”

Vince Vaughn’s Take on Weddings: “I do like weddings, even more so now because it’s all perspective, isn’t it? If you look at it from the good side of it, there’s something really fun, there is something optimistic - if only for that night. Even the most sarcastic people don’t really say, ‘This is never going to last.’ That night, there’s something kind of hopeful. So I like the optimism of a wedding. And the coming together of families and within one family, people who haven’t seen each other in a long time. It’s a celebration.”

Changes to the “Wedding Crashers” Script: “The writers wrote a great script and the concept was great, but me and Owen did customize a lot of the lines and do stuff. A lot of it we had done, or we would do prior to shooting. It wasn’t like we would make up the lines as we shot. We would sit and write, come up with stuff prior to shooting the scenes.”

On His Reaction to the Dinner Table Scene: “It’s one of those scenes that you don’t know. This could be really funny or this could be really not funny. So you just have to go for it. There’s no half-assing it with a scene like that so you just have to really go for it. But you don’t know and when you’re doing something like that, you can’t look for set laughs, you can’t look to this. You would have to stay in the moment and as stupid as it sounds, just try to be as connected to that as you can. But you can’t have anything enter your mind except this is happening and then I’m in this moment.

David [Dobkin, director] did a great job of putting it together. So much of it is the editing. If it was edited differently, it could come off really poorly I’m sure.”

Does He Ever Get Embarrassed by Scenes?: “I think prior to doing them, you have self-consciousness and that’s kind of the work that you put into it. It’s like when you play a sport, which I was never very good at, but it’s an analogy anyway. But if you play a sport and you don’t know your plays, you’re nervous. You don’t know where to go. You’re hesitant. You’re thinking, you’re in your head. But if you know what you’re supposed to do, you’re just reacting and muscle memory.

The same thing is true [with acting]. I’ve had a lot of scenes I’ve looked at on pages and go, ‘Jesus, what am I going to do here?’ But you just do so much preparation in your mind that when you get there, you’re not thinking of those things. You have to do enough work that you’re just reacting.”

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