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Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds Talk About the Rom-Com, 'The Proposal'


Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock in The Proposal

Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock in 'The Proposal.'

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Sandra, the boat scene, did you learn to drive the boat or take lessons? Was that really you in the water?

Sandra Bullock: "The stunt guy goes, 'Okay, today, this is what you're going to do. You're going to go down the ladder. You're going to jump on the boat. Ryan is going to be tying it up. I want you to do it and then I want you to do a burn out around to the corner and then I want you to go.' I went, 'Okay...' First of all, I love the fact that he assumed that I knew how to drive a boat. Second of all, we went out one day in choppy waters just to get the feel of the boat. I have a boat, but I've never done a stunt on a boat, but that was all me. I was literally burning out, but I had to make sure that he didn't go flying off the side of the boat. But I loved it. I gunned it and I was like, 'Ooh, maybe next time I get some more spin.' Poor Ryan."

Ryan Reynolds: "Yeah. It was terrific for me. Amelia Earhart over here in the boat all day."

Sandra Bullock: "Ryan can do anything, though. I knew he'd be fine if he was hanging off. He was in Wolverine. And yes, I was in the water."

Ryan Reynolds: "Freezing water, too."

You known each other for a while. What did you learn from each other in working together? And can you talk about Betty White? I can't imagine the movie without her.

Ryan Reynolds: "Mostly birthmarks is what I learned about Sandra that I wasn't aware of. That little Italy one. No. Look, I always say that chemistry is something impossible to manufacture. It's either there or it isn't. The fact that you're friends doesn't necessarily equate to great chemistry. So we learned early on that we had it and I was so grateful for that. It's like one of the few magical things about film that still exists. There's no way to manipulate that. It's either there magically or it's not. We had it and it was amazing. To answer your question about Betty, I could see the movie without her."

Sandra Bullock: "I tried to cut her out."

Ryan Reynolds: "Yeah. I like attention and then suddenly Betty comes on set. Betty has the best exit line I've ever heard for a movie. I hope she doesn't mind me sharing this. On her last day, I've never seen a crew give such an enormous standing ovation to somebody. Grown grips with ZZ Top beards crying because Betty is leaving. Betty turns around and says, 'I want everyone to know that this is the most fun I've ever had on a film set.'"

Sandra Bullock: "And everyone is crying."

Ryan Reynolds: "I was crying. And as she walked out the door, she turned back and said, 'Standing up.'"

Sandra Bullock: "I agree with Ryan. There have been people who have worked together in films who despised each other and had enormous chemistry. I think the one thing, I got away from comedy because it wasn't being done in the way that I loved and the way that I could do it. It made me sad because I felt like it wasn't appreciated and no one was writing it so, 'I'll abandon it. I'll never be able to do it.' It came back and not only did it come back to me, it came back with a man who wrote a role that Carol Burnett would've gotten. Anyone else back in the day would've gotten it. They don't do this anymore. Then you read the other roles and you read who was cast and you went, 'Oh, my God, the things that I'm going to learn. I get to have that moment of timing in comedy and making it convincing and working hard and making people laugh and telling a great story.' Then they said that Ryan was going to do it and I said, 'That's the only person that I could do this with. That's why I want to step back into it.'"

"I was a little worried that the familiarity would be a little weird, but I think for me everything is musical in my life. For me, timing is a rhythm. Ryan and I can be doing a scene facing the camera and somehow our back and forth and our rhythm, we know when to stop and when to volley, when to make the sound. It's like music. With Betty, her line about the Easter eggs, it's so innocent. That's to Anne's credit. I mean, yeah, she was a choreographer, but she was born to be a director. You need to have the ability to figure out people's rhythms. It all starts from the script. Those words and attitudes. I was so thankful that I got to go back and I felt bad that I had abandoned something that I guess I was naturally given and lucky to have an loved all of my life, but didn't love it anymore because I didn't get to do it the right way. I really am thankful that I got to do it the right way with people who taught me how to do it better. Do you know what I mean? I had to raise the bar and I was so thankful."

Ryan Reynolds: "I just want to add, and I'm not one to mythologize other actors too much, but obviously Sandy is a gorgeous woman..."

Sandra Bullock: "Thank you, Ryan."

Ryan Reynolds: "No. But I think the reason that people fall in love with her is that she doesn't seem to know it in the same way. I think that's the thing. She doesn't seem to know it in a way that other gorgeous people maybe would. I think that's what makes her so accessible. I think that people see that and that she has an ability to laugh at herself and you just don't find that too often."

Sandra Bullock: "I'm not sleeping with you. It's not going to happen."

Sandra, we know you as a likable character.

Sandra Bullock: "I'm a good actress. That's why you know me as likable."

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