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Pierce Brosnan Discusses "The Matador"

And His Upcoming Films: "Seraphim Falls" and "The Topkapi Affair"


Pierce Brosnan Discusses "The Matador"

Pierce Brosnan and Greg Kinnear in "The Matador"

© The Weinstein Co
Brosnan on His Relationship with “The Matador” Co-Star Greg Kinnear: “I admire the guy’s work and he’s just one of those wonderfully funny people. He makes you funny because he’s so deft and sharp at it. If he hadn’t been as great and as giving and as generous as an actor, it would have been for naught - my part. I would have just been kind of rudderless. But his character was so vulnerable and open, it just made Julian…it highlighted his own vulgarity in some kind of moronic ways.”

Pierce Brosnan Avoided the Bullfights: Brosnan met Israel Tellez, one of the top matadors who appears in the film, but never had any interest in seeing Tellez in action. “I don’t want to see it. Didn’t go near it. The mythology of the bullfighter and the metaphor of it, I thought it was well used in the film by Richard. The poetry of Locke, the paintings of Picasso, I’m fascinated. To actually see one go down, no desire.”

Pierce Brosnan Says a Remington Steele Movie is a Distinct Possibility: “It’s in discussion. We’re working on it. We have two young, wonderful female writers. They’ve been into the office and they’ve got a take on it. I think we’re looking at New York location-wise. I look for location first. Good restaurants? Days off? I haven’t really heard the pitch. They only came into the office. I’m in the middle of this picture right now. We discussed it, where we would like it to go and they’ve come in with a little bit of an idea.”

Brosnan revealed that if the film happens, he won’t be playing the title role. “I wouldn’t play him. I would kind of give myself some wonderful cameo role and try to steal the third act or something like that. I’m too old to play him right now. I don’t want to go back there. I’ve been there. That’s where I started. But to be able to produce something and find an actor and actress, I think just the pitch line itself is still good in today’s market. It’s a piece that is loved and I’m still at the table, so to speak, so there could be an audience out there.”

Pierce Brosnan’s Next Big Project: Brosnan was sporting a beard during “The Matador” press junket and said it was for a movie he’s currently working on. “I’m down in New Mexico making a movie with Liam Neeson and it’s called ‘Seraphim Falls.’ It’s a post-Civil War Western and I play a man from the Union, a captain, and he plays a colonel from the South.”

Brosnan says his character is a field operative of his time. “Liam is chasing my character with a posse of four. I take them out one by one until there’s just Liam left.” His character isn’t based on a real person. “It’s just fictional. David Von Ancken has written this piece. David is a young writer who has done a lot of ‘CSIs’ and he did one short film called ‘Bullet in the Brain.’ 15 minutes of pure joy. [It’s] beautiful.”

The Status of “The Topkapi Affair:” Brosnan says that despite the changeover at Sony, “The Topkapi Affair” is moving forward. “We’re going ahead. Amy Pascal is very enthusiastic for us to make ‘The Topkapi Affair.’ We have taken just the title and the spine and then embellished upon that and made it our own, so structurally it’s very sound. And now it’s time to get the interior and the nuance and the character and the voice,” explained Brosnan.

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