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Sarah Jessica Parker Talks About "The Family Stone"

Sarah Jessica Parker Returns to the Big Screen in "The Family Stone"


Sarah Jessica Parker Talks About

Dermot Mulroney and Sarah Jessica Parker in "The Family Stone"

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Sarah Jessica Parker’s Take on Her Character’s Personality Issues: Sarah Jessica Parker stars as an uptight career woman who is forced to meet her boyfriend's bohemian family during the holidays in "The Family Stone," a romantic comedy/drama written and directed by Thomas Bezucha.

“What’s redeeming about her is she’s a human being. People are abrasive, generally speaking, those I’ve met, because they are terrified. All that kind of bravado is all about terrible vulnerabilities that you are too afraid to communicate," explained Parker adding, "And she’s not a murderer; she’s just someone who is not great with interpersonal relationships. She’s functioned quite well, only digging so deep. That’s what makes her comfortable, but I think that makes her very tender at the same time. I liked her. I found her human. She doesn’t make a great case for herself immediately.”

Sarah Jessica Parker on Returning to Movies After a 5 Year Absence: “It hasn't radically changed. But there are a lot of young actors whom I'm completely unfamiliar with; I haven't worked with them. It's scary starting new all the time. I was with the same people so happily for so long and while it was a hard decision to leave… Every time it's like being in the 11th grade, over and over, being the new kid all the time. It’s like you’re the new kid and everybody [else] has already been together.”

Sarah Jessica Parker Changes Up Her “Sex and the City” Style for “The Family Stone:” “I pretty much was trying to intuit what [writer/director Tom Bezucha] wanted me to do, constantly. I thought she was very complicated and very uncomfortable, and uncomfortable in her own skin. Like a wreck of a person.

The one thing she was successful at was business. I think she thought she could apply that same theory to human beings, which as we know, you can't shove them around like numbers. She's ill-equipped and knowing all that, and Tom giving me some handy little ideas of the physical life of Meredith or posture, it was helpful especially in the beginning of shooting.

I remember meeting Diane [Keaton] in the foyer and I couldn't move the way I'd naturally move towards somebody. Tom was right about all those things, and I loved them. It was so hard to meet people like that physically, to not have some fluidity in your body. It was like if she moved, she might break in half. She was so brittle. For me it was helpful.”

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Not a Hugger: The family Stone are a bunch of huggers but, like her character, Sarah confesses she’s not one to offer hugs freely. “I tend to not be as physically demonstrative with people I don’t know as well. I’m always a little bit thrown when people move toward me, especially when there’s a person of European [descent]. There’s the both sides [thing]. I’m always a little bit confused. It’s really elegant but I tend to not.

But like Diane [Keaton] says, to legally be sanctioned to [kiss and hug]... I’ve always enjoyed those scenes, too. Not in a salacious, vulgar, like, ‘Ha ha, I’m getting away with something,’ but rather, I go to work and by contract I’m obligated to kiss this other person. This is the agreement. It’s so amazing to have a whole other life during the day.”

Parker says her husband Matthew Broderick doesn’t get jealous. “No, because my intensions are not about sneaking something. And I don’t ever feel that way. I wouldn’t say to him, ‘I’m uncomfortable with you [doing that].’ It’s storytelling. It’s part of the story.”

Sarah Jessica Parker No Longer Feels the Pressure of Creating Fashion Trends: “Now that I'm taking my son to school every day, it's kind of liberating in a way. We don't have that kind of leisure time in the morning - unless I want to be like Diane [Keaton], and wake up and not rush through the morning. I'm not disciplined enough.

My son, by the way, has some strong feelings, which I understand is unique to his age of what I should and shouldn't be wearing. James Wilkie is like, ‘Take that dress off, I don't like it.’ He'll say, ‘I'd like you to wear down pants today.’ Down pants just means long pants. He doesn't like to see any skin. ‘I see part of your belly.’

He is obsessed with the Beatles, so he thinks not only he should dress like the Beatles, which is perfectly fine, but he wants all of us to dress like the Beatles. And it's a particular period of the Beatles which is the least interesting part, the Yellow Submarine era, which is big collars with flowers on them and stripes - vertical stripes, and really weird haircuts. He's particularly fond of bellbottoms so he only will wear bellbottoms, which are not easy to find. That's the only way we could get him out of pajamas, by the way, was to tell him he could dress like a Beatle.”

Speaking of Fashion Icons… Is there any hope for a “Sex and the City” movie? Parker said, “Not that I’m aware of, no. I think there was a time but it didn’t happen.”

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