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"The Blind Side" (2009)

The scoop on "The Blind Side" including movie photos, "The Blind Side" review, trailer, poster, news, and cast list for this dramatic movie based on true events and starring Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw, Quinton Aaron, and Kathy Bates.

Synopsis: Teenager Michael Oher (Aaron) is surviving on his own, virtually homeless, when he is spotted on the street by Leigh Anne Tuohy (Bullock). Learning that the young man is one of her daughter’s classmates, Leigh Anne insists that Michael—wearing shorts and a t-shirt in the dead of winter—come out of the cold. Without a moment’s hesitation, she invites him to stay at the Tuohy home for the night. What starts out as a gesture of kindness turns into something more as Michael becomes part of the Tuohy family despite the differences in their backgrounds. Living in his new environment, the teen faces a completely different set of challenges to overcome. And as the family helps Michael fulfill his potential, both on and off the football field, Michael’s presence in the Tuohys’ lives leads them to some insightful self-discoveries of their own.
  1. Lily Collins
  2. Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw Talk About "The Blind Side"
I'm a huge football fan (go, Chargers!) but I didn't know anything about Michael Oher until watching "The Blind Side." And in this interview with the film's stars, even more about the true heartbreaking backstory comes out.

Movie Review
Sandra Bullock delivers one of the best performances of her career in this inspirational film that's not just for football fans.

"The Blind Side" Photo Gallery
"The Blind Side" movie photo gallery featuring Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw, Quinton Aaron, Ray McKinnon, Lily Collins, and Jae Head.

"The Blind Side" Trailers
Trailers and video clips from "The Blind Side" starring Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw and based on the true story of football standout Michael Oher.

Academy Awards
"The Blind Side" earned a Best Picture nomination and Sandra Bullock picked up her first Best Actress nomination.

Academy Awards
"The Blind Side" earned a Best Picture nomination and Sandra Bullock picked up her first Best Actress nomination.

"The Blind Side" Movie Credits
Cast list for "The Blind Side," MPAA rating, and release date info.

"The Blind Side" Movie Poster
"Based on the extraordinary true story"

"The Blind Side" International Movie Poster
Quinton Aaron sits beside Sandra Bullock on the international poster for the touching true story.

Official "The Blind Side" Site
Warner Bros Pictures' official site for "The Blind Side." Release Date: November 20, 2009

University of Mississippi's Athletic Website
Michael Oher's official stats are provided on the OleMissSports.com website.

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