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"The Accidental Husband" (2009)

New York firefighter Patrick Sullivan had no idea his seemingly idyllic life was about to go up in smoke – especially as the unwitting, second-hand recipient of advice from famed love expert and radio host Dr. Emma Lloyd. One day he is a happy, go-lucky guy looking forward to a life with his soon-to-be-bride. The next thing you know, his fiancée Sophia is seeking couples counseling on the radio from Dr. Lloyd. The no-nonsense, ever practical Dr. Lloyd questions Sophia’s concept of romantic love and advises her to break their engagement, which she swiftly does. But when Patrick and his computer-savvy neighbor decide to give Dr. Lloyd a taste of her own medicine and “accidentally” join them in holy matrimony – something that doesn’t go over too well with her fiancée - it isn’t long before they learn that sometimes even an expert in love needs a second opinion…
  1. Colin Firth
  2. Uma Thurman

Photo Gallery
Uma Thurman, Colin Firth, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lindsay Sloane pictures.

"The Accidental Husband" Movie Credits
Cast and crew list for "The Accidental Husband," MPAA rating, and release date info.

"The Accidental Husband" Poster
"Falling in love... even the expert is confused"

"The Accidental Husband" Uma Thurman Posters
Uma Thurman's featured on a series of three posters for "The Accidental Husband."

Official "The Accidental Husband" Website
Yari Film Group's official site for "The Accidental Husband." Release Date: TBD 2009

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