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"Thank You for Smoking" DVD Review

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Aaron Eckhart in Thank You for Smoking.

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The Bottom Line

"Thank You for Smoking" is one of the most entertaining films of 2006, and unfortunately one that didn't find the audience it should have in theaters. Witty, well-acted, and incredibly funny, "Thank You for Smoking" is a must-see for adult audiences - smokers and non-smokers alike.
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  • One of the best movies of 2006
  • Great performances by the entire cast
  • Jason Reitman's writing is terrific and his style of directing fits the material perfectly
  • Impressive number of bonus features


  • None worth noting


  • 13 deleted scenes with optional commentary by Jason Reitman
  • Making Of featurette - Behind the scenes on the set of "Thank You for Smoking"
  • Commentary by director Jason Reitman
  • Commentary by Jason Reitman, Aaron Eckhart and David Koechner
  • Charlie Rose Show - Aaron Eckhart, David Sacks, Jason Reitman & Christopher Buckley interviews
  • America: Living in Spin
  • Trailer, photo and poster galleries
  • DVD Release Date: October 3, 2006

Guide Review - "Thank You for Smoking" DVD Review

Aaron Eckhart stars as spin artist Nick Naylor, a man with perhaps one of the most difficult jobs on the planet. Nick is the public face of the tobacco industry, always in front of the cameras doing battle with anti-smoking advocates, cancer victims, and others who would like the entire tobacco industry to fade away.

Nick's job is to get the public to smoke - or at least not view smokers, and the entire tobacco industry overall, as the enemy. In addition to pimping tobacco, Nick has to be a role model to his 12 year old son (Cameron Bright). And when he's not busy appearing on TV talk shows or facing off with senators, he can be found having dinner with fellow Merchants of Death Bobby Jay (David Koechner as the gun industry spokesperson) and Polly (Maria Bello representing alcohol) or in bed with a beautiful reporter (Katie Holmes) who is only in it for the story. There's never a dull moment for the man who just wants everyone to smoke.

"Thank You for Smoking" is one of those films that makes my job of watching movies for a living worthwhile. Granted, you have to sit through dozens of forgettable films before you come across one "Thank You for Smoking," but getting the opportunity to enjoy this little gem makes up for hours of watching horrible 'films' that should never have seen the light of day.

Political correctness be damned, "Thank You for Smoking" is a totally entertaining experience.

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