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Exclusive Interview with Jordana Brewster on 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre'


Jordana Brewster stars in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning.

Jordana Brewster stars in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning.

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Keeping Things Fresh: Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning is, obviously, a prequel and thus audiences are well aware of the viciousness of Leatherface and his twisted family. But that doesn’t mean The Beginning doesn’t have much of a story to tell. “I think it’s fresh because, I mean, first of all, R. Lee Ermey is amazing in it. You kind of get to see the psychology behind the characters. In a sick way you kind of understand Leatherface and why he’s so messed up.”

No matter how you slice it, saying you can understand why Leatherface is the way he is does sound sick. Brewster laughed, “ I know, I know...and it’s the first victims so that sounded really interesting to me. They also wanted to work on developing the kids’ characters and fleshing them out more than the 2003 movie did, so that was also challenging.

I knew that it would be different, regardless. It’s a totally different film, so we couldn’t constantly compare the two because that would be too [much of a drudge]. And so, I wasn’t really worried about that. Most of the reviews on the Internet so far are great. They actually like it more than the 2003 film so that’s been really, really lucky.”

Getting More Than a Little Dirty: Brewster knew taking on a leading role in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning would mean she’d get covered by all sorts of gross substances. In fact, that's exactly what happens to her character. For those who haven't yet seen the film, Brewster explained how she wound up covered in blood in the film. “Well, there’s an accident at the very beginning, I get a lot of cuts and bruises at the very beginning, and towards the end I’m covered in blood and gunk.” Brewster didn’t mind, even though it wasn’t terribly comfortable. “It was uncomfortable once it starts drying because then it gets really sticky. But it’s actually fun. I actually liked it because you didn’t have to worry about your makeup. If you were a little bloated one day, you didn’t have to care because you were like, ‘Whatever. I’m covered in dirt, it doesn’t matter. This fabulous.’ It was actually kind of a relief. I kind of loved it.”

Playing a Character from the 1960s: Brewster’s done it before in the TV movie, The ‘60s, so she was familiar with the decade prior to working on Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning. “The period didn’t come into it that much in this film, but I love going back into periods. Like Nearing Grace, the film that comes out October 13, is also set in the ‘70s so I just love it in terms of costumes and the hairstyles you get to do and the music. It’s just fun. It’s another piece to work on, in terms of character.”

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