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Exclusive Interview with the Cast of Superbad

Seth Rogen, Michael Cera, Jonah Hill and Chris Mintz-Plasse Talk Superbad


Exclusive Interview with the Cast of Superbad

Michael Cera and Jonah Hill in Superbad.

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What was Greg Mottola like as a director?

Christopher Mintz-Plasse: “He’s amazing.”

Seth Rogen: “He really doesn’t say much unless he needs to. He’s not a director who feels like he has to constantly be doing a lot to feel like he’s directing you.”

Michael Cera: “Whenever he said something to me he was always right. I never doubted it.”

Seth Rogen: “Unlike all of us, he’s not a guy who really likes the sound of his own voice (laughing). So he’s more than happy to just sit back and watch, almost, and if something comes or something doesn’t seem right, he will very articulately tell you how to fix you or do it.”

Jonah Hill: “And not in an invasive, like ordering you around way. Like, ‘Hey this would be really cool.’”

Seth Rogen: “But again, like I’ve known him for almost eight years now. He directed literally the first thing I ever wrote that got made. He’s like a friend more than anything.”

And you guys actually did gun training for this?

Christopher Mintz-Plasse: “Yeah, it was awesome. We all went along. We got to shoot shotguns and machine guns.”

Seth Rogen: “It was so much fun we made an entire action movie afterwards just so we could play with guns.”

You did an entire action movie to play with guns?

Seth Rogen: “Pretty much!”

That’s not The Green Hornet?

Seth Rogen: “No, The Pineapple Express which we already shot. But Green Hornet actually doesn’t… His gun shoots gas, so I don’t know how much training I’ll need for that.”

Are you bringing the same crowd with you to Green Hornet?

Seth Rogen: “You know, honestly…”

Jonah Hill: “Michael’s playing Kato.”

Seth Rogen: “Yeah, exactly, Michael’s Kato (laughing). Christopher Plasse is the DA, Jonah’s our secretary. You know, I honestly don’t… I mean, we literally have not written one word of the script yet. If it was up to me, I’d make every movie with these guys. Obviously I have no idea at this point. Like I don’t know what the movie’s about yet. So until that happens…”

Will it be a comedy?

Seth Rogen: “No, it will be an action movie, an adventure. I mean, even like if you watch Indiana Jones, there’s like 10 great laughs in it, and that’s kind of more in the world of what we’re going for. We are not re-imagining it, we are not having a comedic… It will be like, I mean…”

Jonah Hill: “The Green Hornet’s kind of a funny guy.”

Seth Rogen: “He’s like different from every other comic character. He just like a rich, bored dude almost who has decided to become a superhero. He’s really just like a normal guy, kind of. He’s a billionaire and he’s a playboy, but he’s really like a normal guy who really has no real reason to be the Green Hornet, other than he really wants to be a superhero, which I really relate to.”

You’ve always wanted to be a superhero?

Seth Rogen: “Yes. But no, it’s definitely… We’re looking at movies like Lethal Weapon and 48 Hours. Like a buddy action movie.”

Do you have to know anything about Green Hornet to get into the film?

Seth Rogen: “No, we are working from a place where we assume we know more about The Green Hornet than anyone else in the entire universe. It’s a show that was on for one season in 1966. Unless you’re a fan of the radio show that ran in 1946 to 1947, you probably don’t know it. Really, there’s one reason anyone knows who the Green Hornet is and that’s because of Bruce Lee. That’s it. So I mean, we definitely want to be faithful to it for the people who are fans of it, but we’re not going out there… It’s obviously not Spider-Man. It’s not something everyone knows.”

So it would be okay if you reinvented it to a certain point?

Seth Rogen: “But we’re not going to. We’re going to explain who it is. There’s not like that much to it. It’s a guy in a mask who fights crime.”

Speaking of superheroes, isn’t it really weird to be taking Superbad to Comic Con?

Seth Rogen: “No. I was just saying, like it’s a movie about guys having trouble getting laid. I assume it’s like it’s just like your ideal crowd.”

Jonah Hill:Superbad as a comic would be awesome!”

Are you comic book fans?

Jonah Hill: “Yeah.”

What did you follow when you were younger?

Michael Cera: "I’m more into comics now than when I was younger. I love the comics now.”

Jonah Hill: “I was really into Superman when I was younger. When he died, you know like the Superman’s death and all that stuff. Because I’m not, I’m 23, I’m not very old so not like the original Superman comic strip. The original Flash was a really good thing when it came out. I love comics way more now than I did when I was younger. Frank Miller’s Dark Knight is like I’d say….probably Seth and Evan really turned me on to that and now it’s like something I thought was crazy. I always loved The Watchmen. I love Punisher, Hellboy.”

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