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Exclusive Interview with the Cast of Superbad

Seth Rogen, Michael Cera, Jonah Hill and Chris Mintz-Plasse Talk Superbad


Exclusive Interview with the Cast of Superbad

Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Jonah Hill and Michael Cera in Superbad.

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Jonah Hill (Accepted), Michael Cera (Arrested Development) and big screen newcomer Christopher Mintz-Plasse star as high school buddies who aren't the most popular with the ladies in the R-rated comedy, Superbad. Directed by Greg Mottola and written by and co-starring Seth Rogen, Superbad is a coming-of-age tale focusing on one night in the lives of three friends as they try and put an end to their losing streak with the opposite sex.

Superbad Cast Interview

How easy was it to do a buddy comedy? How fast did you find that sort of chemistry?

Michael Cera: “It was real easy. We kind of hung out beforehand for a few weeks and became friends.”

Seth Rogen: “If it’s tough to get it, it’s not called chemistry.”

Michael Cera: “Actually I feel like we’d all been friends if we’d met each other and hadn’t been working on this. Jonah kind of hung out and I realized that we were meant to be friends. We all get along. We all kind of have the same sense of humor.”

Seth Rogen: “It was never like a difficult process. It was really fun. There was never like scenes where we had walk around like Marlon Brando and Francis Ford Coppola in the woods for two or three days…”

Jonah Hill: I don’t think it was like, ‘I cobbled shoes in Italy”…Daniel Gay Lewis. I was like Daniel Gay Lewis. That’s what I would be called if I…”

Did you guys just wing it?

Michael Cera: It was the funniest script.”

Jonah Hill: “It was the best script I ever read. Very well-written.”

Seth Rogen: “That’s nice.”

Are you saying that because Seth is sitting here?

Seth Rogen: “Yes.”

Jonah Hill: “I’m not ashamed to compliment my friends. I’m very proud of all the good work of everybody.”

Michael Cera: “Sitting around the table read reading off the script got a lot of laughs, and that’s the hardest thing, when you’re just reading the lines.”

Jonah Hill: “Then the improvising only just improved the comedy.”

Michael Cera: “If anything it just made it feel more real. Like little wording changes to make it feel like it wasn’t forced dialogue, but the script was there.”

Jonah Hill: “And also added things that helped Michael and I’s strength, I think. Everybody does things differently. I mean, the script was there to help our weaknesses and in the end the improv was there to help our strengths.”

Was the original plan for you to star in this as one of the high school kids?

Seth Rogen: “That was a while back. You know I remember, I guess - what would it have been? It was before we did 40 Year Old Virgin, while we were doing Ali G so I guess it was 2004. I guess I would have been, I’m 25 now so I would have been 22 I guess, 23. I remember…”

Jonah Hill: “I was 23 when I made it.”

Seth Rogen: “But we had a meeting with like this independent film company that was going to make the movie. At that point I still thought I could play the character. I remember before the meeting like just really like shaving. I hadn’t shaved in a long time and I remember really like shaving thoroughly. And then I remember looking at my clothes and like, ‘What T-shirt makes me look young?’ And that’s when I realized I should not play the part! The fact that I’m having to put this much thought into looking young means I do not look young. (Laughing) I remember like, ‘That means it’s over!’”

How much did the script then change once you decided not to play one of the high school kids?

Seth Rogen: “Not much. I mean we re-write just kind of specifically for people, but no more than we would have if I did it. Jonah just did it. It was written pretty much character-wise exactly how he did it.”

Jonah Hill: “The character was extraordinarily there. They did a great job. But then also with the few movies I’ve done with Seth, like we also take our work in a way where you get to improvise new things, funny and interesting. We did that. We were at a couple of writing sessions where we would all sit around and think of ideas.”

Seth Rogen: “We’d basically just go through line by line and be like, ‘What would the character say? This is what we think you guys would say. What would you guys actually say?’”

Jonah Hill: “It was very well written; the characters were very defined in the script.”

Are you at all like your character?

Jonah Hill: “I tend to speak with a foul mouth. I’ve been known to throw around the ‘f bomb’ every now and then. I don’t know. I mean I don’t think I’m 17. I don’t know. I’ve had sex since I was 17. I think I’m a little less angry than that character. I feel like I enjoy life a little bit more than that character – a lot more than that character. I’m not stressed out.”


Michael Cera: “I’m not colossally different. He’s just kind of a normal kid to me.”

Jonah Hill: “Michael’s very average.”

Michael Cera: “There’s not one characteristic, I don’t think, that’s too personified or anything.”

Seth Rogen: “Michael does taxidermy, his character.”

Michael Cera: “I knew people just like this growing up. It’s very true to me, I think…believable.”

Jonah Hill: “It was like all these characters, even if you weren’t them, you knew them or were around them.”

Chris, how lucky do you feel to have been a part of this cast as a newbie?

Christopher Mintz-Plasse: “Extremely. I definitely got in with the best group of people for my first film I could have gotten in with.”

Jonah Hill: “Besides the Wayans’.

Seth Rogen: “Could have been little man. Make him little boy.”

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