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Interview with the Cast and Director of "Stealth"

Jamie Foxx, Josh Lucas, Jessica Biel and Rob Cohen Discuss "Stealth"


Interview with the Cast and Director of "Stealth"

Josh Lucas and Director Rob Cohen on the set of "Stealth"

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Did Any of the Cast Go Up in a Fighter Jet?: Jessica Biel confessed that none of the actors actually got a chance to fly. “Josh would be the only one who actually could, I think, because he went through that special training,” said Biel.

“Flight Survival Training School it was called, which is a really complex thing in order to be able to qualify as a member of the Navy to be a passenger. You have to take that school. It’s about a week of extraordinary difficult training. A lot of underwater work inside mock planes and helicopters that crashed so you know how to get out of them in case you lived,” explained Lucas. “It’s a very, very challenging thing to do, to say the least. But for me, I’m always fascinated by research, so Rob had me out on an aircraft carrier almost the day I got the movie. Living with pilots, hanging out with pilots, and being around it and just getting to know it in every single way. That’s kind of what made it have a bit more integrity than I think it would have otherwise.”

Jamie Foxx on the Humor in “Stealth:” Asked if it was in the script or something he brought to the project, Foxx said with a smile, “Man, what you think? Yeah, I mean, that’s all….You’re looking for [as a] director, I’m sure he’s eyeing - when he starts to put a film together - who he wants to be in the film. I’m sure he said, you know, Jamie Foxx may be able to squeeze a laugh out of so yeah, that’s all in it.

Jamie Foxx on Coming Up with the “Threesome” Lines (it’ll make sense once you’ve seen the film): “That’s research. As [Josh Lucas] researched, I researched. ‘Research. Let’s really get into it.’ No, it’s just, you know, you gotta realize the talent that you’re sitting with and that’s what’s great when people have their own ideas and come with their own thing. I call it like coming with a bag of . Like here’s your character and here’s some things that may be able to enhance it, make it different and stuff. So that’s what you do, everybody was bringing their bag to work every day.”

On Machines Taking Over for Humans: Director Rob Cohen said he believes it’s a very dangerous thing. “The fact is that the Navy has announced that by 2011 one-third of the combat vehicles will be pilotless. By 2011. So it’s six years. An admiral, high-ranking admiral, told me that by 2025, there’s a faction in the Navy that’s pushing for an entire AI air force. That it’s more cost-effective, it doesn’t take seven years to train, and they think that it goes down more easily - a bunch of smashed-up plane parts don’t have the same heart tug as body bags.

I think these points are made pretty clearly in the movie. If you put this kind of thing in operation, robot tanks, they’ve even got robot soldiers, infantry - things that they’re working on, but certainly the U CAVS which are on line now in Iraq and Afghanistan that are flying missions - they like the public to think it’s joy stick, but it isn’t. Some of it is, but it isn’t. And the idea is ultimately you will make war easier, not harder, because the only thing that puts a check on war is our stomach for slaughter. Meaning our own boys and girls slaughtered. So you take that control off the process, and you get a warrior-type guy in the Presidential situation or someone, and it won’t be long before other advanced countries - China in particular - have the same technology. And pretty soon, you’ve got the war of the robots but there are a lot of other people being killed. And I think it’s very dangerous to take human beings out of the forefront of war,” explained Cohen.

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