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Jason Statham

Former Olympic diver and model Jason Statham can credit his success to his work with filmmaker Guy Ritchie (Madonna's husband). Known mostly for action role, Jason Statham has been sought after for roles since making his debut in 1998's "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels."
  1. "Cellular"
  2. "Crank"
  3. "Crank: High Voltage"
  4. "Death Race"
  5. "Gnomeo and Juliet"
  6. "Homefront"
  7. "Killer Elite"
  8. "London"
  9. "Parker"
  10. "Revolver"
  11. "Safe"
  12. "The Bank Job"
  13. "The Expendables 2"
  14. "The Expendables"
  15. "The Italian Job"
  16. "The Mechanic"
  17. "Transporter 3"
  18. "War"

Jason Statham Discusses "Transporter 3"
Jason Statham returns as Frank Martin in the third film of the "Transporter" franchise, the appropriately titled "Transporter 3." After playing Frank twice before, this is a character Statham has figured out - and one he admires in many ways. "He's much cooler than me," said Statham at the film's LA press conference. "I'm a bit of a fool deep...

Jason Statham on "Death Race"
Jason Statham's used to bulking up for roles, but "Death Race's" director wanted him to get lean and mean. Statham trained with Logan Hood, one of the guy's responsible for Gerard Butler's cut physique in 300," and he shows off all of his new body in one revealing prison scene. "That is the leanest I’ve ever been," acknowledged Statham.

Jason Statham on "Crank: High Voltage" and "Transporter 3"
(July 2008) Jason Statham's obviously not adverse to starring in sequels, and in two of his upcoming films he's revisiting characters he's previously portrayed in films. Statham's back for further adventures as Chev Chelios in the action crazy "Crank: High Voltage" and he's tackling the part of Frank Martin for the third time in "Transporter 3."

Jason Statham Talks About "Crank"
(Aug 2006) Action star Jason Statham talks "Crank," adrenaline rushes, Amy Smart, and his helicopter scene.

Jason Statham Runs for His Life in "Crank"
(July 2006) Jason Statham on doing his own stunts, running his butt off, future "Transporter" movies, and "Incredible Hulk."

Jason Statham "War" Interview
On the set of "War," Statham talked fighting styles and working with Jet Li.

"Killer Elite" Finds a Home
(May 2011) Open Road's picked up "Killer Elite," based on the non-fiction book "The Feather Men" by Sir Ranulph Fiennes, and will release the action thriller this fall in 2,000+ theaters. "Killer Elite" stars Jason Statham, Clive Owen and Robert DeNiro and was directed by Gary McKendry, and will mark the first release from the new distribution company, Open Road Films.

"The Mechanic" Photos
Gallery of photos from the action movie "The Mechanic" starring Jason Statham, Ben Foster, and Mini Anden.

"The Expendables" Photos
Gallery of photos from the action movie "The Expendables" starring Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Randy Couture, Eric Roberts, and Steve Austin.

"Death Race" Photos
Gallery of photos from the Universal Pictures movie, "Death Race," starring Jason Statham, Tyrese Gibson, Ian McShane, Joan Allen, and Natalie Martinez.

"Transporter 3" Photos
Gallery of photos from the movie "Transporter 3" starring Jason Statham, Robert Knepper, and Natalya Rudakova.

"The Bank Job" Photos
Gallery of photos from the movie "The Bank Job" starring Jason Statham, Saffron Burrows, Daniel Mays, and Stephen Campbell Moore.

"Revolver" Photos
Gallery of photos from the movie "Revolver" starring Jason Statham, Andre Benjamin, Ray Liotta and Vincent Pastore.

"War" Photos
Gallery of photos from "War" featuring Jason Statham, Jet Li, Terry Chen, and Roy Ishibashi.

"London" Photos
Gallery of photos from the movie "Revolver" starring Jason Statham, Andre Benjamin, Ray Liotta and Vincent Pastore.

"Crank" Photos
Gallery of photos from the Lionsgate Films movie, "Crank," starring Jason Statham and Amy Smart.

"The Italian Job" Photos
Gallery of production photos from "The Italian Job," featuring Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron, Seth Green, Jason Statham, Mos Def and Franky G.

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