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"Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron"

A wild and rambunctious mustang stallion journeys through the untamed American frontier. Encountering man for the first time, Spirit defies being broken, even as he develops a remarkable friendship with a young Lakota brave. The courageous young stallion also finds love with a beautiful paint mare named Rain on his way to becoming one of the greatest unsung heroes of the Old West.
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Quotes From the Red Carpet
Directors Kelly Asbury and Lorna Cook join fellow "Spirit" crew members Jeffrey Katzenberg, Bryan Adams and Mireille Soria along with special invited guests at Hollywood's Cinerama Dome for the LA Premiere.

Photos From the Hollywood Premiere
Collection of photographs from the red carpet Hollywood Premiere of "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron," featuring crew members and special invited guests.

"Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron" Production Stills
Gallery of production stills from DreamWorks Pictures' traditionally animated film, "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron."

Official "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron" Website
DreamWorks' official site features photos, movie information, a screensaver, Mood Machine, and greeting cards.

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