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Sossamon, Shannyn

Shannyn Sossamon's a rising young star who seems to fit perfectly in romantic leading lady roles.
  1. 40 Days and 40 Nights
  2. A Knight's Tale
  3. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
  4. One Missed Call
  5. Our Family Wedding
  6. The Holiday
  7. The Order
  8. The Rules of Attraction
  9. Wannabe

Shannyn Sossamon Talks "One Missed Call"
(Dec 2007) Shannyn Sossamon talks about working on "One Missed Call," her attachment to her cell phone, and how Edward Burns tried to make her laugh on the set.

Shannyn Sossamon Interview - "One Missed Call"
Shannyn Sossamon on "One Missed Call," working with director Eric Valette, and the film's PG-13 rating.

Shannyn Sossamon Discusses "The Rules of Attraction"
Shannyn Sossamon talks about her role in director Roger Avary's "The Rule of Attraction," based on the book by Bret Easton Ellis.

"Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" Premiere Photos
Photos from the premiere of "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" featuring pics of Val Kilmer, Robert Downey Jr, Shannyn Sossamon, Michelle Monaghan, Corbin Bernsen, and Amanda Pays.

"One Missed Call" Photos
Gallery of photos from the Warner Bros Pictures movie, "One Missed Call," starring Edward Burns and Shannyn Sossamon.

"40 Days and 40 Nights" Movie Review
Can a handsome, single, twentysomething male go 40 days without sex? Josh Hartnett tries to in this raunchy romantic comedy.

"40 Days and 40 Nights" Photo Gallery
Collection of publicity stills from the film, featuring Josh Hartnett, Shannyn Sossamon, and Vinessa Shaw.

"A Knight's Tale" Will Rock You
Movie review of "A Knight's Tale," starring Heath Ledger, Paul Bettany, Mark Addy, Alan Tudyk, and Shannyn Sossamon.

"A Knight's Tale" Photo Gallery
Heath Ledger, Shannyn Sossamon, Paul Bettany, Mark Addy and Alan Tudyk are featured in this collection of stills from the film.

DVD Review: "A Knight's Tale"
Filled with all the usual DVD extras, "A Knight's Tale" maked its way to video stores on Sept. 25, 2001. Here's my review of the DVD.

"The Order" Photo Gallery
Gallery of production photos from 20th Century Fox's "The Order," starring Heath Ledger and Shannyn Sossamon.

"The Rules of Attraction" Photo Gallery
Gallery of production photos from the film featuring Jessica Biel, Shannyn Sossamon, James Van Der Beek, and Kate Bosworth.

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