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Kallie Flynn Childress and Ryan Slattery on "Sleepover"

Interviews from the "Sleepover" World Premiere


Ryan Slattery Sleepover

Ryan Slattery at the World Premiere of "Sleepover"

Photo © Rebecca Murray

What’s your role in “Sleepover?”
I play Peter. I play the ‘husky but not unattractive’ Peter as it says in the script.

It really said that in the script?
It really said that in the script. But I’ll tell you, I’m proud to be in the role because it’s really an endearing part of the movie. Especially with everything that’s going on in Hollywood right now, with Mary Kate Olsen… Maybe with this role and with this movie we can show people that what really is important is what’s on the inside and not on the outside. I’m glad to be in this film.

And you have a romantic storyline in this, don’t you?
There is. I am the guy who likes brownies. And I’ll tell you what, I’m proud to be that guy who likes brownies. It works (laughing).

What was your favorite teen movie growing up?
My favorite teen movie growing up… You know, I loved “American Pie.” I would have to say that was my favorite.

So do guys have sleepovers like teen girls do?
Well we don’t paint our toenails the same color. But yeah, we get together, we have fun, we carouse, I guess.

What do guys do to have fun at sleepovers?
When I played baseball, we’d have all the baseball players come over and we’d put a bat in the center of the room – and by the way, this didn’t involve drinking [said with a wink] – and we’d circle around the bat, circle around the bat as many times as we could and then we would try and see how many seconds we could actually stay standing. That’s one of the things I could remember.

Were you good at that game?
No, I was horrible. I hit the wall a few times. There were a few holes in the wall.

What do you remember the most about your time on this set?
The most the fun was probably the first day because there was a lot of emotion, I think, that led up to this. I was actually kind of leaving town as an actor and I wasn’t going to continue. I was in the moving truck place with the keys in my hand and MGM called me for the table read for this. So I think there was a lot of emotion that led up to that first day. I was just really cool to finally get there.


Do you have a favorite memory from working on "Sleepover?"
My favorite memory of being on the set was just meeting everyone. We had so much fun. When they would call “Cut,” we’d be singing, we’d be dancing, we’d be jumping off the walls. Of course when they called “Action,” we’d be like, “Okay, we’ve got to settle down.” We had so much fun on set. We had an amazing time. We had sleepovers of our own. We still keep in contact.

Did you guys drive the director crazy?
(Laughing) Maybe a little. I hope not too much. But Joe [Nussbaum], the director, he would just jump right in with us and start dancing when we were dancing. He’s like a little kid and that’s what was so fun was that he could relate to us, and that’s what made him amazing to work with.

Your character drives the tiniest car. How did all of you stuff into that little car?
It was hard. We had choreography for the car like, “This cheek up, this cheek down. This arm this way, this arm that way.” We really had to plan it out because everyone tried getting into it all at once and we could not fit. It’s literally a tiny car. We had choreography otherwise we never would have been able to fit into it.

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