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"Sin City" DVD Review

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"Sin City" on DVD

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The Bottom Line

This is a bare bones edition of "Sin City" on DVD and filmmaker Robert Rodriguez has promised they'll be much more extra content when the special edition DVD hits stores later on. So if it's extra features you're interested in, then hold off buying "Sin City" for now. But if you can't wait to check out the movie for the first time - or can't wait to see it again - then go on ahead. "Sin City" loses nothing visually in the translation from big screen to little.
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  • Gorgeous, innovative and something we haven't seen a million times before
  • Features the sexiest cast put together onscreen in decades


  • Only one bonus feature!


  • Behind the scenes featurette on the making of "Sin City"
  • 4 different collectible covers
  • DVD Release Date: August 16, 2005

Guide Review - "Sin City" DVD Review

"Sin City" is easily the most visually stunning film of 2005. Not only that, it's unique in that it is almost a literal translation of a graphic novel onto film.

Writer/director/editor/etc Robert Rodriguez faithfully recreated Frank Miller's work with fanatical attention to all the details. Set in the gritty, noir-ish world of the fictional Basin City, "Sin City" the movie incorporates storylines from Miller's Sin City, That Yellow Bastard, and The Big Fat Kill graphic novels.

Bruce Willis stars as a cop on the verge of retirement who saves a young girl, Nancy ( Jessica Alba), a brutal death at the hands of Roark Jr/Yellow Bastard ( Nick Stahl). Another storyline follows Mickey Rourke as Marv, a dangerous outcast who is out to revenge the death of the woman he loved, Goldie ( Jamie King). The third storyline features Clive Owen as Dwight, a convicted murderer who is torn between a couple of hot women - Shelley the barmaid ( Brittany Murphy) and the leather and fishnet-wearing prostitute, Gail ( Rosario Dawson) - and who has a deadly run-in with a crooked cop (Benicio Del Toro).


It's really disappointing that Robert Rodriguez would release a DVD with so little extra content. No outtakes, extended/deleted scenes, commentary track or even the Robert Rodriguez DVD staple - his cooking school featurette - are included on this edition of "Sin City" on DVD. The movie's terrific but the lack of bonus material left me feeling very unfulfilled.

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