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"Sex Drive" (2008)

"Sex Drive" Synopsis: Loveable underdog Ian is the last American virgin. At least that's how it feels to him now that he's 18, about to go to college, and losing girls to his 14-year-old brother. Ian's always been the nice guy, the best friend... never the boyfriend. But his luck finally seems to be changing when he meets Danielle. She's everything he's ever wanted in a girlfriend — fun, sexy, and she really likes him. There's just one problem. She lives in Knoxville. And he lives in Chicago. And she thinks he's the Brad Pitt lookalike he's pretending to be on Facebook. At the urging of his best friend, Lance, Ian decides to confront his fear of rejection when Danielle makes him the offer of a lifetime: "If you drive all the way for me, I'll go all the way for you."

Exclusive Interview with Josh Zuckerman
Josh Zuckerman plays a high school graduate determined to lose his virginity to a hottie he met on the internet in Summit Entertainment's "Sex Drive." At the film's premiere, Zuckerman talked about starring in the R-rated comedy.

Amanda Crew and the Filmmakers
Amanda Crew says her character Felicia in "Sex Drive" isn't your typical teen romantic comedy leading lady. At the film's premiere, Crew and writer/director Sean Anders and writer John Morris chatted about what sets this rom com apart.

"Sex Drive" Photo Gallery
Gallery of photos from the movie "Sex Drive" starring Josh Zuckerman, Seth Green, Clark Duke, and James Marsden.

Interview with Clark Duke and the "Greek" Cast
Tiffany Dupont, Jacob Zachar, and Dilshad Vadsaria from "Greek" were on hand in LA to support their fellow cast mate Clark Duke as he takes to the big screen in "Sex Drive." Duke plays a real chick magnet in the R-rated teen romantic comedy.

"Sex Drive" Premiere Photos
Gallery of photos from the Los Angeles Premiere of the Summit Entertainment movie "Sex Drive" featuring Josh Zuckerman, Clark Duke, Amanda Crew, Seth Green, James Marsden, Mark L Young, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, "Greek" cast, Alice Greczyn, and Ashley Newbrough.

James Marsden on "Sex Drive"
(Nov 2007) While doing press for "Enchanted," James Marsden spoke briefly about his role in "Sex Drive."

"Sex Drive" Movie Credits
Cast and crew for "Sex Drive," MPAA rating, and release date info.

"Sex Drive" Trailer
Restricted red band trailer for the comedy movie "Sex Drive."

"Sex Drive" Poster
"He can't wait to take it out for a spin"

Official "Sex Drive" Site
Summit Entertainment's official site for "Sex Drive." Release Date: October 17, 2008

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