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Interview with Sean Maher at the "Serenity" Premiere

Sean Maher on "Serenity," "Firefly," Romance, and Fighting


Interview with Sean Maher at the

Sean Maher at the Premiere of "Serenity"

Photo © Richard Chavez
Sean Maher on the Differences Between "Firefly" and "Serenity:" "For me specifically, my character, I feel like the biggest difference for me was that River was so much more tormented and was suffering to a much greater degree than she ever was in the series. So for me that was a driving force. That raised the stakes for me. There was a greater sense of urgency for me to figure out what was going on with her and to put an end to this pain that she was in.

I felt like the tone was very similar in terms of the wit and the humor and the lightness of the dynamics within the characters. But there is just an overwhelming sense that the stakes have been raised. There’s a moment in the movie where you wonder who is going to survive. I can think of one specific moment in this movie where you do wonder what the fate of this crew is going to be. And that’s obviously the way Joss wrote the script and then some of the turns that the story takes. It does get a little grittier, a little more where you don’t know what’s going to happen."

Sean Maher on Romance in "Serenity:" "There’s a little love story between Simon and Kaylee that was a long time coming. I’m sure the fans are excited about that. So yeah, we’ll see."

Sean Maher Doesn't Sit on the Sidelines: "Simon gets a little… Joss and I talked about... [at this point in the interview, Sean's interrupted by 'Serenity' co-star Nathan Fillion giving him a kiss on the cheek] Simon gets a little rougher in the movie and I hope, God willing, if there’s a part two we sort of talked about continuing with that. Like let him be a little more rough around the edges. Because you know throughout the series he was so prim and proper and so protective of his sister and everything was so controlled that I sort of wanted to get into the thick of things and be in sort of those action sequences and get off the ship from time to time, and actually be with the crew throughout their heists."

"Serenity 2" or a Return to "Firefly" on TV: "You know, I love the movie so much because I felt like we had more time with it. We had three months to shoot the movie as opposed to eight days to tell the story. Everything just felt a little bigger, a little more spectacular.

People ask me that question, I would love to get back and do another movie and not be under the pressure of a network and not be under the pressure of ratings. It felt liberating in that sense to get back – it was a redemption of sorts – to get back and shoot a movie as opposed to like, 'Will it work on the TV again?'"

Sean Maher Thanks the Fans: "We would not be here without them. That’s how important they are. I always say, why are we here – Joss Whedon and the fans. And it’s incredible. There was support from the very beginning. They were always there. There was always a small group and it just grew and grew and grew. It was inspiring to us and it kept driving us. It was nice to know that someone was out there actually getting what we were trying to say."

Sean Maher's Favorite Memory of Joss Whedon: "My favorite moment – and he wasn’t on the set - but we were shooting the series and I just remember the time when his first child was born. That’s probably – that sort of epitomizes to me how much of a family I feel with these people. To just be on set and get word that Joss had his first child and how moving that was."

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