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"RV" Movie Trailer and Clips

Starring Robin Williams, Jeff Daniels and Cheryl Hines


RV starring Robin Williams

Cheryl Hines and Robin Williams in "RV"

© Columbia Pictures
"RV" Movie Synopsis: In Columbia Pictures' family comedy, "RV," an overworked executive named Bob Munro (Robin Williams) persuades his wife and children to give up their Hawaiian vacation for some family bonding on a cross-country RV trip.

But it's all a ruse. Bob has other, more career-oriented reasons on his mind than spending quality time with his family in the Rocky Mountains. Through a series of misadventures, including constant run-ins with an overly friendly troupe of full-time RV'ers, Bob inadvertently learns the true meaning of family.


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Clip - They've got guns
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Clip - Let's get going
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