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Seann William Scott Talks About Writing a Script


Seann William Scott Talks About Writing a Script

Seann William Scott in 'Role Models.'

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The script Seann William Scott's working on is completely different from the book he's writing. "It's a comedy. It’s going to be a mockumentary," revealed Scott. "I love mockumentaries. When they’re done right, they’re really good. And I think as a beginning screenwriter – like, who knows if it’ll ever get made? But I like the format. I think it gives you a lot of freedom. I mean, one of my favorite actors, if not my favorite actor, is Ricky Gervais. And I think what he did in the BBC Office is just incredible. I mean, I’ve seen every episode 20 times and I think the guy’s a genius. But I love American Movie, even though that’s a documentary."

Scott says right now it looks like there are two ways he can go with the casting, if it gets to that point. "I’m either going to go after people that I’ve had a relationship with and really try to get them, or go with, like, total non-actors and try to really – although you guys will know about this now - try to really make people think it’s a real documentary. Because I think those are actually…we’ve never really seen, well, Office was kind of like that, actually. The BBC Office. When that first came out, when I first kind of watched it, it was like, 'Is this real?' I knew it wasn’t but it was like, 'Wow, this is so good.' And if you have so many familiar faces – one character I’m writing for myself that I would like to play, I’m basing it on my brother - but I thought it might be better if actually you don’t have any familiar faces in it, and people are just watching going, 'Holy sh-t, this is hilarious. Is this real? These people are crazy.'"

So what's the set-up? "It’s about ice fishing in Minnesota. It’s called Jack Pine Savages," revealed Scott. "I grew up in Minnesota. And so it’s just the strangest culture, community. Like, it’s really the weirdest sport on the planet. And it’s just about all these different people that are – it takes place in one week, called The Jack Pine Savage Days. And they actually have these festivals in Minnesota and Wisconsin. And it’s on Lake Winnibigoshish. All these people need to win the money for one reason or another. They all have shacks out in the lake. Imagine Minnesota – you think about Fargo, stuff like that. That dialect, that culture, you know? It’s really rich with opportunities for comedic moments. At least I think so. Maybe you’ll read it, you’ll be like, 'What the f-ck is this?''

Scott's close to finishing the first draft of the script. "This is the first time I’ve actually written a whole thing. I like to write short stories, so I’m taking my time before I send it out to somebody, because I want to make sure it’s good."

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