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Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts has acting in her blood. She's the daughter of Eric Roberts and the niece of Oscar-winner Julia Roberts.

Emma Roberts movies, photos, interviews, and news:
  1. "Aquamarine"
  2. "Hotel for Dogs"
  3. "It's Kind of a Funny Story"
  4. "Nancy Drew"
  5. "Scream 4"
  6. "The Art of Getting By"
  7. "Valentine's Day"
  8. "We're the Millers"

Emma Roberts and Hayden Panettiere Team Up for "Scream 4"
Emma Roberts and Hayden Panettiere discuss "Scream 4," Wes Craven, joining the successful franchise, the killer (no spoilers), and what scares them.

Emma Roberts Discusses "Hotel for Dogs"
Emma Roberts stars as a resourceful dog lover named Andi who decides to help out every stray dog in her neighborhood by opening a pet hotel in "Hotel for Dogs," a family friendly comedy directed by first-time feature film director Thor Freudenthal.

Nancy Drew Returns with Emma Roberts as the Teen Investigator
Emma Roberts, the star of the new Warner Bros Pictures "Nancy Drew" movie, comes from a showbiz family (her aunt’s Julia Roberts and her father’s Eric Roberts) yet the teen actress is very self-reliant when it comes to picking film roles and deciding on how to play different characters.

Emma Roberts Talks About "Nancy Drew" and "Aquamarine"
(Jan 2006) The daughter of actor Eric Roberts and niece of Academy Award-winner Julia Roberts, Emma Roberts is more than comfortable walking red carpets, posing for photographers and talking to the media. The 14-year-old has been acting in movies since 2001 when she made her big screen debut in “Blow,” and now stars in her own TV series - Nickelodeon’s “Unfabulous” – while continuing to pursue roles in feature films. The tween star also recently released her first album, a soundtrack for her TV series entitled “Unfabulous And More: Emma Roberts.”

Emma Roberts Biography
Details on actress Emma Roberts' personal life and film career.

Fox Searchlight Gets "Homework"
(Jan 2011) Another Sundance Film Festival premiere finds a studio home, with Fox Searchlight picking up the distribution rights to the coming of age story, "Homework." The indie film marks the debut of writer/director Gavin Wiesen and stars Freddie Highmore, Emma Roberts, Michael Angarano, Elizabeth Reaser, Rita Wilson, Sam Robards and Blair Underwood.

"Aquamarine" Photos
Gallery of photos from the 20th Century Fox movie, "Aquamarine," starring Emma Roberts, Sara Paxton, and Joanna Levesque.

"Aquamarine" Premiere Photso
Gallery of photos from the Los Angeles Premiere of the 20th Century Fox movie "Aquamarine" featuring photos of Emma Roberts, Joanna JoJo Levesque, Sara Paxton, Jake McDorman, Tammin Sursok, and director Elizabeth Allen.

"The Art of Getting By" Photos
Gallery of photos from the romantic film "The Art of Getting By" starring Emma Roberts, Freddie Highmore, Michael Angarano, Blair Underwood, and Rita Wilson.

"Hotel for Dogs" Photos
Gallery of photos from the movie "Hotel for Dogs" starring Emma Roberts and Jake T Austin.

"It's Kind of a Funny Story" Photos
Gallery of photos from the comedy movie "It's Kind of a Funny Story" starring Zach Galifianakis, Keir Gilchrist, Emma Roberts, and Jeremy Davies.

"Nancy Drew" Photos
Gallery of photos from the Warner Bros Pictures movie, "Nancy Drew," featuring Emma Roberts, Max Thieriot, Josh Flitter, Tate Donovan, Daniella Monet, and Kelly Vitz.

"Nancy Drew" Premiere Photos
Gallery of photos from the Hollywood Premiere of the Warner Bros Pictures movie "Nancy Drew" featuring Emma Roberts, Laura Larring, Tate Donovan, Max Thieriot, Josh Flitter, Kelly Vitz, Rachael Leigh Cook, Amy Bruckner, Aly and AJ, Corbin Bleu, Monica Coleman, Daniella Monet, Jamie Lynn Spears, Lindsay Sloane, Mitchel Musso, Sara Paxton, and Robin Tunney.

"Scream 4" Photos
Gallery of photos from the horror comedy "Scream 4" starring Courtney Cox, Emma Roberts, Neve Campbell, Marley Shelton, Adam Brody, David Arquette, Anthony Anderson, and Allison Brie.

"Valentine's Day" Photos
Gallery of photos from "Valentine's Day" starring Jennifer Garner, Julia Roberts, Bradley Cooper, Ashton Kutcher, Jessica Biel, Taylor Lautner, Jessica Alba, Patrick Dempsey, Taylor Swift, Topher Grace, Jamie Foxx, Queen Latifah, Emma Roberts, Carter Jenkins, Eric Dane, Shirley MacLaine, Kathy Bates, and Hector Elizondo.

"Valentine's Day" Exclusive Premiere Photos
"Valentine's Day" exclusive premiere photos of Anne Hathaway, Taylor Lautner, Bradley Cooper, Ashton Kutcher, Emma Roberts, Julia Roberts, Carter Jenkins, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner, Eric Dane, Patrick Dempsey, Topher Grace, Jewel, Steel Magnolia, Demi Moore, George Lopez, Garry Marshall, Hector Elizondo, Kathryn Le, and Rebecca Gayheart.

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