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Interview with Resident Evil: Extinction Star Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich Talks Resident Evil: Extinction at the 2007 San Diego Comic Con


Interview with Resident Evil: Extinction Star Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich in Resident Evil: Extinction.

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It sounds so cliché to say Milla Jovovich looked radiant at the 2007 San Diego Comic Con, but the very pregnant actress did look absolutely adorable as she maneuvered her way around tables to sit down and chat with the press. Jovovich was in San Diego to promote the third movie of the Resident Evil series – Resident Evil: Extinction – the final film of the franchise and one she promises will send the series out with a bang.

What’s in this movie that we haven’t seen before?
“I think what’s really cool about this franchise is that each film is so different. Because we have different directors on each one, it really gives each film its own world, its own world visually and story-wise - and this film especially. It’s like a whole new world because we had the first one, which is very dark and claustrophobic. It was underground the whole time. And then the second one you have this much bigger scope and the city at night, trying to escape the city. And here it’s really like the end of the world and it’s all shot in daytime. It’s all these very epic scenes. You’ve got these incredible desert sequences. It’s got a completely different look, a completely different feeling.

It’s just very cool because we have these super zombies now who are super fast, super tough, and they’re smart, too. They know how to use a camera and a telephone. And now like undead birds, which is really cool. There’s just a lot of new stuff that you wouldn’t expect to see in the Resident Evil films. It’s really whole new world and there’s lots of really great stuff. I don’t want to give it all away.”

How much fun is it to get to keep playing the same character over again?
“You know, it’s really interesting because I never expected at the beginning when we did the first movie that we’d be here sitting talking about a third film. It’s been amazing. I mean, just to be able to really live with this character. As I change, she changes, too. I love the fact that the story continues because it’s something that before we did the second or third movie, we’d talk about. Like, ‘What happened then?’ and ‘What would have happened really if it would have gone on?’ So it’s been so fun to be able to just see something kind of develop over the years and get more and more complicated. It’s fun.”

How did you prepare physically this time around?
“Action films are definitely a lot of training and I do a lot of my own stunts, so I definitely am in there for the long haul for the training process. But, for me, I love it. Martial arts is something I’ve always loved doing. It’s the only form of exercise that I can deal with. Everything else is really boring and mind-numbing. So for me it’s just really fun. I love to sort of feel like a superhero in that sense, to be able to fly through the air and to be on wires. It just makes me feel like I’m in Magic Mountain or something. I love it.”

You voiced a little bit of dismay on the set of Resident Evil 3 over the finished Resident Evil 2 film. Do you have a better feeling about Resident Evil: Extinction?
”Definitely, definitely. I just think everything about this film is so much tighter and more together. I think the script is so much better, the idea is so much more precise and [it’s] got these really great storylines going. It’s just interesting. You’ve got like a few different worlds within one movie. It’s really cool to see the contrast between the Umbrella Corporation with all its slick lines and then the desert, which is totally natural and soft and smooth. It’s the end of the world, you know, so it’s really intense in that sense.

I don’t know. I had a really great time doing it. I haven’t seen the whole movie together with all the special effects, but even without the special effects I was like, ‘This is rad!’ I loved it! I just was with the characters more. I don’t know, somehow I connected with the story better. I think what my character goes through is just really intense in this movie. Again, I don’t want to give it away, but see it! Trust me!”

You had to play clones of yourself in this film. Did you play that differently than how you’d normally play Alice? Was that a big challenge?
“It was really interesting. I mean, definitely, I played it very different from how I play Alice today. It was kind of much more who Alice was in the first movie, I think. Just a bit more innocent and a bit more of a child in a way, because she was just born so she doesn’t really understand and know everything that Alice knows about herself, you know?”

What did you think about returning to the old sets and wardrobe again?
“Really cool. I mean, it was just really crazy to put on that whole outfit again and it was weird. But I really loved it, too, because I just thought it really gave the movie such an interesting feeling. It’s crazy. I’ve never actually really died before until I have like to die multiple times. It’s really crazy. They filmed all the clones in the pit and stuff and having to like [strike different death poses], ‘What do you think? Does this look weird enough? Is this like a really screwed up position?’ And, ‘This looks nasty, right?’ Like they just threw me down in some weird way. And then with all the makeup…We had fun wearing blood all over. At one point I had like two huge slashes across my face and burns.”

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