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Keanu Reeves Picks Up "The Night Watchman" Job

Reeves to Star in "The Night Watchman" for Spike Lee


Nov 16, 2004 - Keanu Reeves (star of "The Matrix" trilogy) has been tapped to star in "The Night Watchman,"* for director Spike Lee and Bob Yari Productions.

Written by James Ellroy, "The Night Watchman" follows a disgraced police officer who fights to redeem himself once he discovers corruption in a police department.

Reeves is expected to start work on "The Night Watchman" once all of his "Constantine" press duties and personal appearances are finished. Besides "Constantine," Reeves also has "Thumbsucker" with Vincent D'Onofrio coming out in early 2005.

SOURCE: Variety

* - The Night Watchman was renamed Street Kings.

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