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Cillian Murphy Talks About "Red Eye"

Interview with Cillian Murphy at the Los Angeles Premiere of "Red Eye"


Cillian Murphy Talks About

Cillian Murphy at the World Premiere of DreamWorks Pictures' "Red Eye"

© Elias Palma
The first thing people ask me after I tell them I've interviewed Cillian Murphy is, "Are his eyes really as blue as they appear in movies?" The answer is yes. But I also remember to quickly add that in person, he definitely doesn't have that 'creepy' factor that's been so prevalent in his last two roles. As Scarecrow in "Batman Begins" and as Jackson Rippner, the guy you do not want to sit next to on an airplane under any circumstances in the Wes Craven thriller, "Red Eye," Murphy's penetrating blue eyes and chiseled features take on a menacing quality that perfectly captures the dangerous edge needed for these back-to-back bad guy roles.

"Red Eye" follows a young business woman (Rachel McAdams) who strikes up a friendly conversation with an attractive stranger (Murphy), as they both wait to board their flight to Florida. Once onboard the plane, she discovers her seatmate is the young man she's been talking to. Soon enough she discovers there's nothing coincidental about the seating arrangements and her new friend is not at all what he appears to be.

At the Los Angeles Premiere of DreamWorks Pictures' "Red Eye," I caught up with the much-in-demand actor and got the opportunity to find out what life on the set of "Red Eye" was like, why he was attracted to this particular character, how he feels about having two films come out in a row in which he plays the bad guy, and why he wanted to work with director Wes Craven:

Interview with Cillian Murphy - Play the Video

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