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"Princess Diaries 2" Soundtrack List


Princess Diaries 2 soundtrack

"Princess Diaries 2" Soundtrack

Walt Disney Records

Walt Disney Records is releasing the soundtrack to the sequel "The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement" in stores on August 3, 2004 prior to the film's debut in theaters. The soundtrack to the girl-eccentric comedy will include Kelly Clarkson's single "Breakaway" (co-written by Avril Lavigne) as well as Lavigne's "I Always Get What I Want" and Lindsay Lohan's "I Decide," which was penned by Diane Warren. Returning to the world of music, Julie Andrews contributes a track on the CD dueting with Raven on "Your Crowning Glory."

"The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement" Soundtrack List:

1) "Breakaway" - Kelly Clarkson
2) "I Decide" - Lindsay Lohan
3) "This Is My Time" - Raven
4) "I Always Get What I Want" - Avril Lavigne
5) "Trouble" - Pink
6) "Because You Live" - Jesse McCartney
7) "Love Me Tender" - Norah Jones and Adam Levy
8) "Fun In The Sun" - Steve Harwell
9) "Let's Bounce" - Christy Carlson Romano
10) "Dance, Dance, Dance" - Wilson Phillips
11) "Fools" - Rachel Stevens
12) "A Love That Will Last" - Renee Olstead
13) "Your Crowning Glory" - Julie Andrews And Raven
14) "Miracles Happen" - Jonny Blu

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