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Eva Longoria Parker Talks About 'Over Her Dead Body'


Eva Longoria Parker Talks About 'Over Her Dead Body'

Eva Longoria Parker and Paul Rudd in Over Her Dead Body.

© New Line Cinema

Jan 24, 2008 - The romantic comedy Over Her Dead Body finds Eva Longoria Parker playing a woman killed in a bizarre accident on her wedding day. Months after Kate’s death, her husband-to-be (Paul Rudd) is forced back into considering dating again by his pushy sister (Lindsay Sloane). Kate, now a ghost, doesn’t take too kindly to the idea of her man, Henry, in a relationship with another woman, so she tries her best to stop him from getting close to a pretty, perky psychic (Lake Bell) hired by Henry’s sis to help him move on.

If Kate hadn’t been acting like a raving Bridezilla, the accident might never have happened and some of Kate’s actions as a ghost aren’t exactly angelic. But Longoria Parker and writer/director Jeff Lowell worked hard to make sure Kate's attitude and her attempts to keep Henry from being happy don’t alienate the audience. Additionally, Longoria Parker was concerned Kate may be too close to her character, Gabrielle, on Desperate Housewives personality-wise. Both characters could be viewed, to put it gently, as vindictive.

“That was probably my biggest challenge, differentiating Gabrielle from Kate, because I thought that people might think they are similar in their bitchiness,” said Longoria Parker. “But I thought that Kate was way more justified because she dies on her wedding day. She lost the man that she loved and she just wasn't ready to give it up. I would be the exact same way. I told Tony, ‘I would totally haunt you and not move on. I would just stick around and be like, ‘You're not moving on until I move on. We're in this together, this life, the afterlife, and the next, next life.’”

Over Her Dead Body marks the first time in Longoria Parker’s career she’s done wire work. It’s also the first film that rests squarely on her shoulders. “It's so funny but I forgot that because I did The Sentinel and I did Harsh Times, but I haven't really carried a movie, I guess. Someone asked me yesterday, ‘How does it feel to carry a movie?’ I'm like, ‘Oh God, now you just scared me!’”

With Over Her Dead Body Longoria Parker’s happy to be able to offer audiences something a little different in tone. “I think it's a light and fun movie, and I think that it's a nice change in the box office right now, from all the from all the heavy Oscar stuff, all the heavy dramas, and all the blood and gore over Christmas. We tried to go to the movies so many times and it was like Saw IV... Even I Am Legend was zombies. I was like, ‘I want something fun, something that I can lose myself in.’"

But Longoria’s husband, San Antonio Spurs basketball player Tony Parker, didn’t share his wife’s attitude toward the holiday movie fare. “He's a huge Alien vs. Predator fan,” revealed Longoria Parker. “And for the longest time he's been wanting the Alien and the Predator statues. We're building our house in San Antonio and we have a theater, and he wanted the statues for the theater. I looked everywhere for them and I finally found them, and that's what he got for Christmas - the seven-foot Alien, and the seven-foot Predator. They're life-size, giant action figures. The Alien has the drool... And when he opened them for Christmas he was so excited. And when I saw them for the first time, I was like, ‘Oh my God, that's so scary! I don't want that in the house!’ So, now I don't want them in the house, and I'm the one that got them.”

However Longoria Parker didn’t end up with the short end of the stick as far as exchanging Christmas gifts went this past year. “I have a good husband. He got me high heels and diamonds. He got me Christian Louboutin shoes, and a diamond tennis bracelet.”

“He also got me, which was really sweet… He has three championship rings and every time you get a championship ring, they give the wives a championship pendant, which is an exact replica, so it's the exact same thing. I was there for 2005 and for 2007, so I have two pendants. But I wasn't there for 2003, so he made me the 2003 pendant. So I would have the same three rings that he has. That was probably the best Christmas gift.”

Longoria Parker’s not only keeping busy with TV and film work (she’s also got Lower Learning set to hit theaters later this year), she also has a new restaurant in Hollywood called Beso that will feature some of her specialties. “I teamed up with Todd English. A lot of it [is] my recipes, and then he elevates them,” explained Longoria Parker.

“I was very involved, from the architectural design, the leases, of course the menu, the uniforms, the curtains, the tables, the chairs, the chair pads, the kitchen, the paintings… Everything. When it comes to my business life, I'm very controlling and I'm very involved. I like to really know every step of the way, to make decisions. When it comes to my personal life, I'm not controlling at all. I'm just kind of going with the flow,” said Longoria Parker.

And, of course, Desperate Housewives was keeping her busy until the writers went on strike. The strike may have prematurely ended this season of Housewives and if so, then fans will have to wait until next year to see if Gabrielle will stay with Carlos after he was injured during the tornado which struck Wisteria Lane. “I don't know how she is going to react,” replied Longoria Parker when asked what she thinks Gabrielle will do when the show resumes.

“I would like to think that their love is really strong. Everybody's wanted and championed for them to get back together. And now they're back together and here's this, another obstacle, of course, that Marc Cherry has put in. I don't even know if he's going to stay [spoiler deleted for those who haven’t watched the last episode]. I don't know what Marc Cherry is going to do. I just read an article the other day in USA Today from Marc Cherry saying that he thought that was the last episode of season four. That was the first time that I had heard that and I was like, ‘Noooo! Oh my God!’ And that he would need at least two months to rework the next time that we come back because he said the mystery is kind of screwed up now because of the strike. So I think that he's going to change a lot of things.”

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