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The Oscars - Frequently Asked Questions

Who gets to vote for the Oscars, what are the statuettes made of, and how does a film qualify as Best Picture? These are a few of the questions answered in this list of frequently asked questions.

Who Can Vote?
So just exactly who is eligible to vote for the best movies and best performances at the end of each year?

Academy Awards - The Voting Process
The technical details on how the annual voting process works.

Academy Awards - How Does a Movie Qualify as Best Picture
What does it take for a movie to become eligible for a Best Picture nomination? The rules are very specific.

How are the Acting Awards Determined?
Why are some performances considered supporting?

Academy Awards - Academy Membership Requirements
You hear it during almost every Oscar acceptance speech, "I'd like to thank the members of the Academy." Who are those people and how do you become one?

Academy Awards - The Oscar Statuette
Just what is the Oscar statuette made of? That question, as well as a short history of the famous statuette is addressed here.

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