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Matt Damon Discusses "Ocean's 12"

From the Premiere of "Ocean's 12"


Matt Damon Oceans 12

Matt Damon in "Ocean's 12"

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2004 turned out to be the year for sequels for Matt Damon. With "The Bourne Supremacy" proving to be a well received follow-up to "The Bourne Identity," Damon and his "Ocean's 11" gang hope things will go equally as well for "Ocean's 12."

Joining the majority of the "Ocean's 12" cast for the movie's December 8, 2004 Black Tie Premiere at Grauman's Chinese Theater, Damon looked handsome, relaxed, and just glad to be back in the midst of his "Ocean's" co-stars.


What’s the best thing about playing a thief?
I don’t know what’s so good about playing a thief. I mean, you know, I’d say the best part about this role is being around these other actors. That was actually my favorite part. It didn't necessarily have anything to do with my own role. I mean, I did ride the Paris subway in an attempt to get pick-pocketed in order to see how exactly they did it. My buddy was videoing the whole thing. No one picked my pocket. We got bolder and bolder as we went, but it didn’t pan out for us.

So what does that tell you about the French?
They’re pretty darn honest.

Speaking of the French, what was it like to work with Vincent Cassel?
He was great. I wish I had more scenes with Vincent. I mean, I worked a lot with his wife on another movie so I met him and I know the both of them. He’s just a great, great actor and hopefully this will give him some exposure in America. Obviously anyone who has seen some of his work in France, the guy deserves to be at the top of the heap.

You play an expert assassin in “The Bourne Supremacy” and a thief in this. Which one is more fun?
This one is much more fun in terms of fumbling around. It’s not fun to be right all the time and Jason Bourne is right a lot of the time. So I think this movie, or this whole performance, was a reaction to being right all the time as that Jason Bourne guy.

Did you ever fantasize about being either of these two characters in real life?
Well, it would be funner to be Jason Bourne than to be Linus (laughing).

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