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Upcoming Movies, New Releases, and Past Theatrically Released Films


Find all the information you need about what's hot in theaters right now, as well as what you can expect to see hit the big screen in the upcoming months. From comedies to dramas to romance and horror, we've got the 411 on huge blockbusters all the way down to the little undiscovered gems you need to see.
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  3. Upcoming Theatrical Releases and a Look Back at Last Year
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The LEGO Movie

Details on all the current theatrical releases - complete with photos, trailers, cast lists, reviews, and interviews.

Coming Soon

Russell Crowe in Noah

What's the next huge Hollywood movie you just have to see? I don't know, but it may just be in this list. Here's a sprinkling of films hitting theaters over the next month. Or if you're interested in looking further into the future, then check out the Theatrical Release Calendar or browse the alphabetical list of upcoming releases.

Upcoming Theatrical Releases and a Look Back at Last Year

American Hustle

Like your films on the light side? More interested in watching things get blow things up? See what Hollywood did well in 2013 and what's in store for 2014.

Previously Released / Available on DVD

Warm Bodies

Before heading to the video store or ordering up a movie online (legally, of course), get all the info you need to help you make an informed decision on what to rent.

Movie Soundtracks

Breaking Dawn Part 2

There are films where you don't even notice the soundtrack, films where the soundtrack makes the movie worth watching, and others where the two mediums - film and music - mesh so well you can't imagine any other song so effectively capturing the mood of the movie.

Best Of and Worst Of Lists

Sylvester Stallone

My personal favs (present and years gone by), as well as quirky Top 10s and the some of the worst of Hollywood.

Awards Central

12 Years a Slave

Coverage of the 2012-2013 awards season leading up to the 85th Academy Awards held on Sunday, February 24, 2013.

All About Animated Films

A scene from Tangled

Contributing writer David Nusair's extensive coverage of animated films provides you with info - and trivia - on the popular genre that's not just for kids.

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